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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 15</I>

Lucy was inside her bedroom still unconscious after the giant water swallows her up. Alek was inside her bedroom beside her bed and waiting for her to wake up.  He and Gray were able to find her thanks to Jellal’s help.

Along with her, Ox was there as well.  He was taken to hospital where he was expected to be okay. The two men were in shock to see the scar and bruises on her body.  “What the hell was she doing?” Gray thought. However, Alek said nothing and picks her and carried her back to the guild.  He was able to find Wendy, The Healer.

She was able to heal the wounds. However, she still needs rest. Alek takes her back to the apartment rest she was resting for some time now.

Meanwhile, Lucy was inside her subconscious mind. She was looking left and right.  She tried to remember what happened. She saw the water coming in and everything went blank.

She looks and suddenly sees a picture of Magnolia. It was dark and eerie. Everyone was screaming and running away in terror.  She looks up to the sky and sees a portal and demons were coming out of that portal.  Lucy looks as shock to see them coming out. But, what was even more shock to her is that she saw herself tied to a pole with magic rope And it appear that she was dead.

Seeing her lifeless body made her scream.

Luc instantly wakes up feeling terrified. “Lucy, calm down! It’s me.” Alek said to her. She took a few deep breaths and she looks at him.

“Alek?” she was surprised to see him here. “You’re okay.” He said as he hugs tightly. “Thank goodness. We’re worried about you.”

“Worried?” she questions. That’s when she remembers fighting the thief.

“The thief!  He’s still out there.”  Lucy tried to move but, she felt a wince of pain in her gut.

“I’m aware of that.” He said to her. “No, you don’t understand…I…” She remembers Natsu’s words. She has already have got involved in this. She doesn’t want Alek to get in involved too. Otherwise, Natsu wouldn’t trust her again.

“You what?!” he asks. “It’s nothing.” She replies. She sighs. She couldn’t imagine what Natsu is feeling right now. “How’s that man?” she asks.

“Oh him. He’s recovering but he’s in critical condition.” Alek explains. “He also explains as he was saving you, he saw a mermaid with an urn and then you and him were washed up by the beach.”

“Washed up?” Lucy quickly grabs her keys. And looks at the golden gate key of Aquarius. “So it was you after all.”  She said.

“So, your spirit saved you.” Said Alek. “Of course. They’ve some tendency to show up without being summoned. That’s how they are.” She said. “Aquarius was my first spirit that mother gave before she died.”

Alek looks at her and something shoot out of his heart saying. ‘I want to kiss this girl.’ But, he needs to keep his personal feeling aside for now.  He gets up from the chair.  “I’m going bring some food for you. Today, I’m your guard dog. You’re not leaving out of my sight.” He went out to grab the food.

Lucy rests her head on the pillow, holding her keys. She was thinking about the vision she had of her death. Now the only question is what happened?

Back at the council, Louis was in his office and was walking to one of the soldiers in the port. “Are you sure about this?” he said to the solider.

“Of course.  There was another person besides the thief.” He replies. “And for some reason, she was following him.”

Louis examines the tape. He sees Lucy make her down the levels.  “Should I identify this woman?” said the soldier.  “No, that won’t be necessary.” Louis replies. “You’re dismissed.”  The soldier left the room and Louis turns around form his chair and contacts Ichi and Norwind.

“You two. There’s something I need you to do for me.”

Lucy looks at her window and sighs again. “A lot of crap has happened no. I believe that townspeople are little bit on edge.” she thought.

She blinks her eyes twice and saw something creeping at her window. “A demon?” she said. “Why is it here in my place?”  She slowly gets out of bed and demon quickly picks up her scent.  It jumps off the window and lands on the floor. She slowly steps backwards from it.  But what can Lucy do? She was still hurt from that blast of water.

It crept closer and closer to her. Then suddenly, fire appears out of nowhere and kills the demon. Lucy immediately knew who fire was. And she didn’t want to look.  Natsu was behind of her. She tries to make a run for the door. But Natsu grabs her arms and sweeps her feet. And pins her on the ground.

“Are you fucking blind?!” he yells at her. “I told you not to get involved.” Lucy was starting to get scared by him.  “I thought you’re gone. I overheard you fought him. And I… I…”
“Thought that I was weak to fight, right?” she said to him. “Well, I’m not!!!” she yells at him. “And the reason I did that was because I don’t to feel like I’m the weakest in my guild.” Tears start to fall in her eyes. Natsu realizes that wasn’t the only reason that she did it.

He lets her go and helps her on her feet.  “How did that demon got here?” she wonders as she was wiping the tears from her eye.

Natsu lets out a sigh. “I believe you hold a power within you that you the ability to see these demons.”  He said. Lucy turns to him in disbelief.  “I know it’s hard to believe. I had an encounter with that thief. He has the same power as you.”

Lucy just couldn’t comprehend with all of this. She wasn’t even a demon. How could she have this power..? Natsu rest his hand on her shoulders and looks her in the eyes.
“Please forgive me. I just don’t want anything to happen to you. Because…I love you.” He states to her. Natsu cups her chin and crushes her lips with his.

Lucy didn’t have a chance to react to this. In fact, she opens her mouth by accident and Natsu sticks his tongue inside her mouth. “No way?! Is this for real?!” she thought.

She was suddenly carried toward the couch and was laid there while Natsu was on top of her.  Natsu breaks the kiss and Lucy’s face was red.  She didn’t expect that.

“I want you. I’ve thinking about you since I saw you.” he takes off his vest and showing off his body to her. “Seeing that face of yours makes me want to make love to you.” he said to her.

“Is this you or the demon talking?” she asks. He went down and nip on her ear. She gave off shudder. “Ah. N-Natsu.”  She was shaking in her legs. She couldn’t believe that she did that. “Not this time.” he whispers in her ear. “It’s just me.”

He then kisses her again. This time with more passion. Lucy reaches for his scarf and pulls it off. They broke the kiss again.  Just as he was about rip off his clothing, a dark matter of energy came out of nowhere hitting Natsu. Lucy was caught off guard and turns around.  She turns to see Alek here.

“Alek, why are you…?” she tries to finish; but, he cuts her off.  “Lucy, get back!! This is the guy that the council has been searching for.” He stated in serious tone.  Lucy saw his attitude change. “What is going on with you?”  she thought.

Natsu got up from the attack. “Well that’s a nice cheap shot. But, I didn’t expect you would come searching for me.” he said to Alek.  “Even After I left you live at the Museum.”

“The Museum?” said Lucy. “Alek, what’s the hell he talking about?!”

“It doesn’t concern you!” he replies. “This between me and him.” Flames erupted in Natsu’s hands. Just as they were about to fight, the glass from Lucy’s windows starts to shatter. A big gust of wind surprises them as Ichi and Norwind appears before them.  The two looks at Lucy. “Lucy, as personnel of the Magic Council, we advise you to come with us.”  said Ichi.

Alek and Natsu looks at her.  Lucy was confined. She doesn’t know what the hell was going on here. But, shit was about to go down here.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap.15
Hello guys!! I 'm here with the newest update for the story!! I hope you enjoy this chapter!!!Fairy Tail Bullet Natsu's Mark 

Read and Review it (Take your time!) Discalmer: I don't own Fairy tail!! Sorry! Natsu - Please put some clothes on... 

Chapter 16:Coming Soon!!Natsu - Let's fight again sometime.. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 14</I>
Tristan turns around and sees Natsu behind him. And he was angry.

“So, you‘re here Slayer?” he said to him.  “Have you come about your decision?”
Natsu was still glaring at him. “I didn’t come for small talk. Why are you here?” he asks.

“Oh. I was going to deliver the second crystal to my master. It wasn’t easy. Those guards seems such a bore to me. But, that powerful mage that the council sent was something. Also, there was a female blond mage that was following me. Now, she was a sight.”

Natsu’s body tingled as he heard the man fought with Lucy. Or rather she fought with him. He had upsetting look on his face. “Damn, despite the warning I gave her. She went ahead.” He thought. He was going to have a word her later.

“Her magic power is quite rare. Don’t you think?” said Tristan. Natsu’s hands lit up as flames engulf them.

“Where’s she?” he demanded. Tristan looks at him and chuckles. “You’re that worry for her. Well to tell the truth. She’s 20 feet below sea level now.”

Natsu gritted his teeth. He knew that she couldn’t be dead. “Tell something. Does thinking about her keeps you strong or keep you from screwing her.”

Natsu hit his last nerve and hits Tristan in the face and smashes him against the wall. His hands were wrapped around his throat. “I’m not going to ask you again.”

Tristan wraps his feet in flames and kick Natsu in the chin therefore releasing his grip on him.  He then kicks him in the face and sends him to the ground.  He moved away from him.

“Come on, Salamander. Awaken that I was amazed by.” Said Tristan he who a sly grin on his face.
Fireballs started to come out of nowhere and attack Tristan. But he quickly cancels it out with his power.  He moves to the air and he gave off a grin of excitement as Natsu quickly transforms
His wings sprouted out as well as his tail. Black marking etched out on his body. Natsu was awakened all right.  He gave off battle cry and flew up to fight Tristan.

Meanwhile, back in the council, council members look at the damage done to the port. Water is flowing out. The head chairman fear if this continues it will flood the city. He rises up from his chair.

“This is an emergency to the city of Magnolia. Send out troops to stop the water and fix the port. Send mages and warriors from Fairy Tail to help out in this cause. Also, bring that bastard to justice. This meeting is adjourned!!” he stated.

After the meeting, Selene was inside Louis’s office. Louis was not happy with the outcome of the meeting. “How can this first the Ministry and now this?! I don’t believe it!!” he yells as he was walking back and forth.

“Perhaps, we should Ichi and Norwind up and call the whole thing off.” She said.
“Oh no. We’ve work too hard to get this far. We’re almost brought an end to Fairy Tail.” He said to her.

“No, you almost brought to hit. I only help out in your scheme. I don’t my job to be in jeopardy because you obsession.” She flats out stated.

“My obsession?!” he thought. “She really thinks that I’m going crazy?!” He was outrages by that word obsession.

Selene continues on speaking. “You’re get irritated when we do something wrong. Fairy Tail will do something right. And you know it.” she glared at him.

Louis slightly chuckles at her. “You know what. Fine I don’t need your help. I can’t bring this guild down myself. I’ve all the proof I need.” He responds.

Selene didn’t felt the slightest pity for that man. “Well, I hope that you obsession will be your downfall.” Selene walks out of the room and sighs hard.

“Had a bit of a fall out, I see.” She turns around and saw who made that sound. It turns out it was Jellal.  “What the hell do you want?” she asks.

Jellal walks to her. “A truce. You help me and I’ll make sure that your job is secure.” He said.

“Are you trying to blackmail me?” she responds. “Of course not. Besides seeing the thief that has stolen two crystals. You already know where he’ll going for next.”
Selene tries to figure out what he meant. When out of the blue, she realizes that he meant. “No. you’re not saying that…”  She looks to Jellal in which he nods in response. This was bad. She knew he if gets his hands on that then. She looks to him straight face. “Fine. I’ll help you. Just this once.”

Meanwhile, Mage and Warriors from both the council and Fairy Tail Arrived at the port to stop the flow of water. Bystanders look on at the scene. Erza, Laxus and Mirajane were on the front lines of stopping the water. As well as other guild members.

Levy told the master about Lucy. “Don’t worry, Alek and Gray will go search for her.” She looks at them. ‘Don’t worry.” said Alek as they went on their way.  Levy and Gajeel decided to go down into the water with Juvia or the Queen of the Seas to help seal up the mess down there.

Alek and Gray were on the ground searching for Lucy. Well, Alek was searching more than Gray.

“Hey, relax. We’ll find Lucy.” said Gray. But, Alek didn’t respond.  “Man, this guy really cares for her.” He thought.  Gray caught something out the corner of his left eye.  He sees two flames in the sky. And no one was there noticing it. Gray went there to find out what was happening.

Natsu and Tristan were in the skies still battling it out. Tristan was feeling a little tried since he used the most of magic during his fight with Ox.  Natsu has some scars but that didn’t stop him. “Where’s she?!” he answers.

“My Fire Boa Snake go forth. Crush that man bones into dust.” The boa appears from his hand and attacks Natsu, wrapping its body around.  Natsu wasn’t fazed by it the least.  He moves his arms and legs and was freed from the snake clutches.  He then grabs it neck and snaps it like a toothpick and it dissolved into thin air.

“I must say, you guts. No one has last time out this long. But, let see if you can…” Just as he was about to unleashed another attack, Ice arrows shoot from the sky. Tristan turns to see the ice mage that he saw in the ministry. “Great, More interference. “He said. He turns back to Natsu.

“We’ll settle this again, Salamander.”  Tristan then disappears by using his fire.  Natsu tries to catch him but it was too late.

“Fuck!!” he yells. He turns to see ice mage.  Gray was ready with ice cannon to bring this man down. He fires but, Natsu misses and disappears as well.  “Wait!!” he yells.

“Let him go.” Gray turns around to see Alek behind him. “Why?!”  He said. “I was about to take him out.”  Gray notices the stare that Alek was giving. Does this man know something? “The guild will deal with him in due time. But right now, I got some news. Jellal contacted me. They found Lucy.”  said Alek.

“Where?” Gray asks.

“Down by a beach a little far off from the port.” He answered. Gray and Alek hurries down there and recover Lucy.

Back on the island, Tristan delivered the crystal to his master Hayden. “Excellent work, Tristan.” Hayden said to him.

“Thank you, my lord.” He replies.

“So, the Slayer is still having some doubts about joining us. Even after you encounter him again.” Hayden asks.

“Yes. It seems so. But it worry, I know a way that he’ll come to us.” Said Tristan.


“Of course.  I know a weakness. And that weakness will become a benefactor for us.”

Tristan gave off a sly grin. He knew that his will not fail. That celestial mage will the Slayer of Death’s downfall.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap.14
Hello mina!! You'll be excited for this chapter So much surprises. You don't know what I mean, then read and find out :D

And don't forget to comment too!! :iconnatsusmileplz:

Discalmier: Sorry, but I don't own Fairy Tail or it's characters.
Chap:15:Coming Soon!!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Chapter 13</I>

Ox was inside the room carrying his axe with him. He glares at the man who was taking the crystal. “So, the council sent him to get rid of me, huh.” said Tristan.  He put away the crystal in his pocket.  “I’ve no other choice then.”  Fire unleashes in his hands. “Come at me, you beast.”

Ox wasn’t intimidated by this man. To him saying the word “beast” to him. He would take that as a complement before his opponent bleeds and dies.  He grips on his axe and starts to swing at him. Tristan had a smile on his face.  He had tendency to know a person strengths and weakness.  He looks at Ox, he sees that his magic is great and offensive powers are at high standards.

However, Ox was sorely focusing on getting rid of the opponent unware his surroundings making his defenses open for an attack.  And that’s what Tristan did, he dodges his attack and comes behind him and hit him with a fireball to the back.  It bruised him, but that didn’t stop him from destroying him.  He swirls his axe around causing a whirlwind. Tristan use his flames and two the elements clash with each other.

Lucy could feel the sudden impact from that attack. However, she can’t just run away. This man was stealing the crystal and she needs to stop them.  She grabs a gate key.

“Open, Gate of the Crab, Cancer!!!”</I> she yells.

A spirit that looks like human appears before her. Cancer had shard claws on his back and Crab arms as arms. “Go!! Stop that Thief!!” she ordered. He obeyed and went after Tristan. Lucy grabs her whip and joins the battle.

Meanwhile up surface, security was getting everyone to evacuate. Gajeel and Levey were searching for Lucy.
“Have you found her?” Levy asks Gajeel. “No I can’t find her scent anywhere. There just too many people.” He replies.  Levy was getting awfully worried for her.

Just then another explosion erupts causing the ground to shake. Citizens scream and ran from the port. A security guard came behind them and he grabs their shoulder.  “I’m sorry. But, I need you to evacuate.” He said to them.

“Our friend is inside somewhere. We’re not leaving without her.” Levy responded.  “It’s too dangerous for you to go.”  He said to her. “Even so, we’re going to help her.”  Just then the guard grabs her right arm. Gajeel tries to fight; but, he was hit with a stun gun by another security officer.
“Gajeel!!” She yells. The guard tires to restrain her. But that’s when the bookworm decides to make a move.

“Solid Script: Gravity!!”</I> The force of the gravity pushes both security guards to the ground. Gajeel went to check on her. “Are you okay?” he asks. “No need to concern yourself.” She responds. “What matter is to find our friend.”

“Gajeel suddenly pick up a familiar scent. “What’s wrong?” said Levy.  He points to that door that was open. “You think Lucy went in there.” She asks.

“There’s only one way to find out.”  Gajeel and Levy in there to find the celestial mage.
Natsu was in the real room just  walking around when  he feel something tingling in his heart. “What do I get the feeling something bad is going to happen?”  He thought. He turns and runs to find the bad aura he is feeling.

Meanwhile, Ox was taking to Tristan. He throws his axe like a boomerang at him. Tristan moves his body backwards and avoids being sliced the axe went and destroyed four pillars that were supporting the room. Tristan got back up and moves to the side before he was cut by Cancer’s blades. Lucy came from behind and uses her whip. He quickly moves out of the away and grabs her whip and throws her back in the ground.

She maintains her balance as she landed on her feet. “You quite the interesting one.” He said to her. “Your magic seems so different. Just who are…”

Before he could even utter a sentence, Ox comes and in and tries to crush him with his fist.  He move back to avoid being hit. He was getting irritated of this. He needs to deliver this to his master immediately. He made a fire symbol come out of his fingers.
“I call upon Argar, the Fire beast.”</I> He yells.

As the symbol began to glow, hand crept inside the mark. Then another hand emerged then head and finally the entire body.  It had animal eyes and razor sharp teeth. It made a loud battle cry and attacks Ox. Ox grabs it arms and tried to rip it apart with his strength.

Tristan decides to make a break for it. Lucy tries to stop him. But, fire arm appear out of nowhere and grabs and pushes her to the ground.  “It shame to see a woman like die in here. But, duty calls. Next time, doesn’t meddle into things that you don’t belong. That’s’ if there is a next time for you.”  He snaps his fingers and Argar started to glow brightly.

Ox wonders if his was another one of his tricks. However, he couldn’t act because Argar exploded causing the room to shake.

Lucy couldn’t see anything with this thick smoke she covers her mouth to prevent her from inhale the smoke. Then, she felt something wet on her knees. She touches it.
“Water.” She said. She looks up and water was staring to coming in the room.

“This bad I didn’t realize I was underneath the water.” She said. “I have to get out.” She got up to her feet and headed for the exit.  She heard a moan coming from the room.
As the smoke clears, she saw Ox and his left leg was trap within the rubble. “Help me!” he said. She looks at him. He was desperate to get out. And the water levels were rising quickly. She quickly acted once more.

“Cancer, help him.” she said. And he did just so by cutting the rocks in small pieces. Ox was finally free. “Thank you, Cancer.” She said. Cancer went back into the spirit world.
Ox acted quickly as he grabs the blond and ran out of here as the room began to collapse on itself.  They ran out to Level 3. But as they did, water began rushing through the door.  OX and Lucy ran as they could. But, the kept moving faster and faster until it catches up to them and swallows them up.

Gajeel and Levy went inside further and further down the hallway. Gajeel could hear something rushing down the hallway. It was coming really fast.

“Gajeel, what’s wrong?” Levy asks. Gajeel quickly grabs her and put her over his shoulder.  And darts out of the hallway.

“Gajeel, what are you…?”

“I’m sorry.” He interrupts her. “But, we need  to leave now.”  Gajeel spouted out giant wings out of his back and, with Levy, he flew all the way to the outside.  Levy saw the oncoming water rushing outside.  But, Lucy was nowhere in sight.

“Lucy!!” she yells.

Meanwhile, Tristan was further away from the port.  He was about to deliver the crystal to his master when flames came at him. He moves out of the away from them.

“It’s look like we meet again, Salamander.” He said . As he senses Natsu behind him.  Natsu had a disgust look on his face.  He knew that bad aura had to be Tristan.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Beast Within (Nalu Story) Chap.13
Hello you guys!! I'm back with another update chapter.  Things will get heated from here on out. Enjoy Don't foget to leave a comment!!Okay - Lucy Fairy Tail Natsu - Let's fight again sometime.. Natsu - I am king 

Disclaimer: I odn't own Fairy Tail of the content of it characters . That all belongs to Hiro Mashima!! :iconhiromashimaplz:

Chapter 14:Coming Soon!!!

Here's  a list of Chapters  that way you can catch up!! Fairy Tail Icon 


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