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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 9</I>

(Lucy’s POV)</I>

Natsu and I were walking back from the beach. “It was pretty enjoyable, right?” I ask. “Yeah. I guess.” He replied. “You guess? You had a weird look on your face when we were dancing.” I respond. “Oh, be quiet.” He said as he turned away from me. I kind of chuckled a little.  To think that this man could be killer.  I highly think that’s unlikely. “By the way, Natsu? Do you’ve a place to live now?”

He turns to me. “Not sure. I’m staying at Gray’s place, and he doesn’t get out of the hospital until tomorrow.” he answered. “Well then, how you can visit my place?” I told him. “Are you sure? It’s kind of strange to have someone you barely met enter inside your place.” He felt uncomfortable about it. “I don’t consider as stranger after all we’re friends aren’t we?” Natsu didn’t even know what think right now.  But, I follow him to my place anyway.

I open the front door and showed him in. “Wow, it a little small.” He states.  “I know, but at 70,000 jewel a month, it pretty decent.” I went to on the light switch.  Natsu went back at down in the chair.  “Did you ever invite anyone here?” he responded. “Actually, no.’ I replied. I went to fridge and brought two cans of soda to him. “In fact, you’re the first time here.”  I handed him one. “Thank you.”  He opens the soda and drank from it.
“So, what kind of things do you like?” I ask as I sat down. “Well, nothing much expected living and working.” He slightly chuckled. “But, I’ve remember watching the stars in the night sky. My father always believes that they were twinkles that you could touch. We see them at night where there are no lights.” He had on a smile. “Wow, your father must have been something.”  I said. “He was. He taught me everything to speak, write, and even magic.”

He sighed. “I miss him.”  I look at his face and I can already he was depressed. I went over and touch his hand. “You’ll see him again.” I stated. He looks at me.  “Have Faith. That’s when my mother always said.” I started to caress his hand.  “L-Lucy, you wind if I stay here with for tonight?” I back slightly away. “Eh? Are you sure about this?”  I ask. He nods. “I won’t mind. Bedsides, Gray’s place was a little cold.”
Now, I start to get nervous. Having someone staying over, that’s new to me. But, I calm myself. Let me get you the air up bed.” I replied. I went to my closet and grab it. Natsu was going to spend the night here with me.

(Laxus’s POV)</I>

I was beginning to leave the guild when I saw Mira putting the silverware. “Mira.” I said. “Laxus, what’s going on?” she asks. “Would you like to come with me right now?” I responded to her. “To where?” she wonders.

After the guild was close up for the night, Mira and I were walking in the forest. I haven talk to Mira in a long while. I’ve been so with grandfather and the Thunder Tribe. In addition, many of the girls are asking to big festival were having in Magnolia. I didn’t want to tell her this but I’ve crush on her.

“So, what’s it you want to talk about?” she asks me.  I stop and tur around to her. “Mira, I was wondering if you’ve any plans for the festival coming up.”  I look up at the sky to avoid any contact. “Well, I’ve nothing to do on that day, why?”  She looks at me.  “Well, I was hoping that you would like to go out with me.”  She then smiled. “I would love to Laxus.” She said. I was surprised. “Really? You mean it?” I ask. She nods. I became excited.

Then, I sense from coming our way. I push Mira down and use my lightning attack to stop it. “Are you okay, Mira?” I ask. “You push me.” she said. “Sorry. But, we’ve company.” I look up and saw a man carrying black scythe. He was standing on the tree. “You were able to block my attack. Amusing.” he said.  “Who the hell are you.” I said angrily. “I’ve no business of telling you who I am.” He jumps from the tree and attacks us. We quickly move out of the way just to block it. “Take the enemy. And bring the target that is my mission.” He stated.

“Target?” said Mira. What the hell is he talking about? “Mira, go warn the others. I ‘ll take of this guy.” She stands up. “No. I’m going to fight.” She quickly went into Satan Soul Form. “No threatens our comrades and gets away with it.” she stated.  The scythe charges at us and we charged at him. He tries to slices me.  But, I use my flash of lightning, to dodge and attack from behind. “Lightning Dragon Roar!!” I breathe out my roar, making it mark.

He drops the weapon which gave Mira the opportunity to land a blow to the gut. “Evil Explosion!!”</I> Mira blew the blast through his heart. However, he disappears. “He’s gone?!” she was surprised.  Then, he came from behind with his scythe back in his hand and attacks her. She swirls around and caught with her bare hands. This gave a chance to strike. I look at my target and trying to avoid Mira from getting caught in it. “Raging Bolt!!!”</I> The lightning was heading toward him. However, he disappears again. The bolt struck Mira, and she was down and out.

Then, I felt the man behind me.  I turn around only to be attack by him. I was feeling sick. Whatever kind of magic this is, it’s draining mine.  I fall to the ground, unable to stand. The man chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’ve got some plans for you two.” He said.  Then, he use fire magic to torch the forest down, and leaving us to die.

(Natsu’s POV)</I>

I was on the air up and dozing off to sleep. It was nice that I stay with Lucy for the night. But, it still bug me. Why am I attracted to this woman?  I know we just met but I feel want to stay with her. And be around her. When we danced, I felt a happiness inside of my heart.  Could I really be falling for her?

Then, I smell something coming from the east side of the town. I quickly woke up and I looked out the window and I saw fire and it was coming in fast.  I didn’t want to wake Lucy, so I quietly got up and rush out of her place. I ran to the forest. That’s when I saw, Erza and Jellal coming my way. “Natsu.” She responds. “You saw the fire as well.”   I gave her a nod. “Of course.” I answered. “But, I smell something. Somebody is in that fire.”  I sniff the scent with my nose. “Three people. I know the two. It’s Laxus and Mira.”

Erza was in shock. “What?!” She looked at the fire. “I can stop the fire while you two head them.” I responded. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” said Jellal. “Rest assured, I’ll be fine.”  The three of us quickly head to the fire to save our comrades.

To be continued…</I>
Freedom to Live (Nalu) Chapter 9
Hello. I m here again to bring you another chapter of my story. I hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 8:
Chapter 10: Coming Soon!!!
Chapter 8</I>

Lucy was inside room getting ready for work. She heard the news that the Salamander struck again. This time he killed and burned two innocent bystanders. That wasn’t all. The reporter also states that he blow the thieves we captured include a two police officers.  This was getting serious. Officers were even posting off signs for official guilds. She was little scared of who this guy actually is.

She finished putting on her clothes and grabs her keys and whip and headed out. She arrives at the guild and sees Mira and Laxus having a little conversation together. It was attractive. She sees Natsu sitting at the table. “Natsu, how are you feeling?” she asks. He looks at her. “Oh yeah, I’m perfectly fine. Just a bit tired.” He replied. “I see. Well, I had a lot of fun our mission today. I’m hoping we do it again soon.”  she smiled.

“Yeah.”  Natsu’s face was a little again.  He didn’t want to tell her about what happened last night. Then, Sting came out of nowhere and gave a friendly punch to the head. “Natsu, what’s up?”  he said. “I’m doing okay.” Natsu responded. “You know there are some hot chicks in this town. I can hook you up with one.”  Before Natsu can talk, the police can in. Everyone was given their attention. “Padron us, Fairy Tail mages. We’ve a ask you of a request.” said the officer. “The Salamander is on the run and is dangerous.”

“If you see him, take him out and bring him to justice. You’ll be handsome rewarded.” The officers handed out flyers to everyone. Lucy was looking at the picture. His hair was in different shade of color. His teeth were sharp as any animal. And he had eye of a killer.  “Wait a minute, these eyes looked familiar.” she answered. “Natsu, what do you think?”  she turned around and he wasn’t there. “Natsu?”

Natsu was in the back of the guild, sitting on the stairs.  “Damn it, Why did that old man send me to that guild.” He said to himself. “I should’ve ditch the man and ran while I’ve the chance.” He couldn’t stay here any longer this would get dangerous if anyone got involved.  “Trying to run off?” he turns around to see Markov behind him.  “Master.” He stands up to him.  “I know it’s hard for you now. But, everyone is doing their part to keep you safe.” he stated. “But people are suspecting that I’ve something to do with all of this. And it’s going to be a matter of time before they find out.

“Then, we’ll hide you. But for now, keep magic usage limited.” Markov firmly stated. This was a matter of freedom that he has or risk going back to prison.  He sighed. “All right then. I ‘ll keep low profile on my magic.” He answered. “By the way, how’s Gray?”  Markov scratches his chin. “He’s still not ready to move yet. But, he’s doing well. Wendy went to the hospital with Juvia to help cheer him up.”  Natsu breathe out. “I see. That’s good to hear, Gramps.”  Natsu walks away from Gramps and head out for a walk.

Back at the penitentiary, O was watching the news. And there was a smile on his face. “You seem pretty amused by this.” He turns around and Vash was standing in front of him. “But of course, the only way to catch monster is to get the people involved and to convert him to be bad.” He stated. “Yes. But, sending out your prisoners to their deaths. Was it the right call?” Vash asks. “We’ve no choice. We must do what we can to bring him in.”  O rested his hands on the table. “So, how are you holding out?” he asks.

Vash looks at his shoulder. “I’ll live, but the kid is very strong indeed.” He answered. “He’s a dangerous man. But, he’s indeed intrigue a lot of people.”  The commander had a grin on his face. On the outside of the room, Scholl was listening in the conversation. He couldn’t believe that the chief was doing this.

Natsu was sitting on the rock of the beach. He was throwing rocks in the water. Lucy saw Natsu doing that. “Natsu.” She yelled as she walks towards him.  “Are you okay? I was looking for you.” she said. “Yeah. I wasn’t feeling well.” He replied. He continues to throw the rocks. “Well, I was going to tell you about the poster that officers handed out to us.”  she continued. “It’s not much money but I don’t care. I believe that he wasn’t the type to hurt people.”

Natsu turns to her. “But that’s my opinion.” She slightly smiled.  Natsu jumped off the big rock. “Do you’ve any free time?” he asks her. “No.” she answered. “How about we go for a walk?” he extend his hand to her.  She slowly reaches for it. “I’ll take that as a yes.” They looked at each other. And they walked on the sandy beach.

Juvia was a resting on the chair. She opens her eyes. She looks for Wendy and Charla, but they weren’t here. Gray was still sleep on his bed. Doctors said that he should be okay tomorrow afternoon. But, she thought to bring the healer along just in case. Juvia knows visiting hours would be over in ten minutes. So, she decided to make it count. She stands up and walks to his side. As she reaches for a kiss, she was sudden flip over on the bed.
And Gray was on top of her. She was shocked to see Gray moving so quickly. “G-Gray.” She said. “Heh. I guess I should make wish come true.” He smiled. He gave a Juvia a romance kiss and started to strip down for her.

Elsewhere, Lucy and Natsu were on the beach talking to each other. “So, Lucy. Did you’ve a mother?” he asked. “I did. My mama was celestial mage like me. I wanted to go up to be like her. However, she died when I was little. I truly did admire her.” Lucy a little smile across her face.  “And what about you?”  she asks. “I don’t think I’ve any parents. I never saw what they look like.  But, I did meet someone.”
“A male figure took in me and raised me. And he was the one who taught me about life joy and even magic. He was like a little bit of a father figure. However, When I woke up, he just suddenly disappeared. I think that was the last time I saw him.” he said. “No way.” Lucy was shocked and sad by that. As they got the beach, they saw someone play the violin. The music was beautiful. “It’s getting dark. We should head back to the guild.” said Lucy.

“All right, but first…” Natsu kneel down and gave some money to the man.  “How about we dance?’ he asks. He offers her his hand again.  She touched it and he followed the sound of the violin as they began to dance. “What’s wrong with me?”</I> he thought. “Every time I’m around her, I feel calm and collective. But also, happy.”</I>  He thought about it. “Wait a second, could this be…” Lucy suddenly holds him by shoulders.

He quickly was snap back into reality. “Are you feeling okay?” she said. he turns away. “I’m fine.” He answered. They continued dancing away as the sun lows starts to set on the horizon.

To be continued…</I>
Freedom to Live (Nalu Story) Chap.8
Hey, you guys. I 'm here to bring you another great chapter for you guys :D (Big Grin) 

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Chapter 7:
Chapter 9:Coming Soon!!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 7</I>

Natsu and Lucy made back to Magnolia safely.  As they left the train station, they waved goodbye to each other and went their separate ways. Natsu was walking by an empty street.  He was thinking about the freedom he has right now. It felt really good to him to have this type of thing.  Back in the prison, he really didn’t have much freedom. In fact, he was used as a guinea pig for police and scientist. It scares the hell out of him and disgusted him.

He remembers the scientist in the lab and how they would use electric shockwaves on his body to make him go rage by force. They tested to him to see how his powers were limited.  He felt that pain and it hurt like fire. And after that, they just throw back him in his cell like the dog. He didn’t have any food or water or a companion. And that was before the jail break.

Natsu stops walking and stands next to a light post.  He looks at the light. “Maybe this guild is the key to keep me sane.”</I> he thought. These people are treating him with care. There was no way he couldn’t turn his back on this. Just then, four people came to surround Natsu. They were all equipped with weapons.

“Well, Well. Looks I’ve got some friends.” he grinned. Natsu was ready to take these guys out. All of them went to attack him. He moved backward and left and right to avoid all their attacks. One of the attackers uses a bat to clobber him to the head. Natsu sensed the attack and grabs the bat with both hands. He pulls the man towards him and gave him a punch to the face.  Another came in with a pipe. He swings it around at Natsu.  Natsu moved back from being hit.

However, he was caught off guard when the third man came with knife in his hand. But, it was just some ordinary knife.  Natsu slowly moves away to avoid it, but the knife made it mark. It slices his hand. He jumps away from them and looks at the blood coming out of his arm. “W-What the hell is this?” he questioned.

“This is a Crazy Knife. Once it pierces through your skin, it makes you see visions that terrorize you.” said one of the thugs. Natsu felt his hand trembling and his knees started to go weak. He was on the floor.  He started to feel dizzy as the spell started to take into effect.

Natsu sees a number of doctors and scientists surrounding him, and they were to do more experiments on them.  He tries to run away from them, but they all grab his hands and legs and pin him down on the floor. “Now relax, Natsu. This won’t hurt a bit. I promise.” said one of the doctors.  “L-Liar!! You’re a lying! All of you are. You’re doing this to hurt me!” he yelled.  He was trembling in fear.

The thugs look on as Natsu started to hallucinate. He was screaming for help in the night sky. The thugs couldn’t help but laugh at his sheer terror.  “This mage here is joke. I’m going to finish him off.” he responded to his teammates. He grabs his pipe and headed over to Natsu. Natsu, however, was in great pain. He felt the sting of an electric pulse flowing through his body.  Then, he felt something icky on his body. The doctors injected him with something.

“Get it off. Get it off!!” he yelled. He screams and screams but no one was there.  He felt that he was at his limit.  He looks up at the sky.  “Please!!”  he pleaded. The thug looks at him. “Don’t worry you’ll be free.” He held the pipe in the air.

Then all of sudden, a claw came out of nowhere and struck him in the chest.  He drops the weapon as he looks down at his check. More importantly, he looks at Natsu.  And he saw that his face was completely different.  His eyes were red. His face was covered in weird markings. His hands and feet were animal claws and his teeth were sharper than a lion or leopard.  “W-What the…”  Without a thought, Natsu burns the man body into ashes.

His teammates watched in horror as he was burnt alive.  They couldn’t believe that the spell didn’t work on him. Natsu looks at them with evil intentions in his eyes. he licks his tongue from his mouth. One of them started to run for his life. Natsu quickly ran for him with great speed. He quickly pins him on the ground and starts to tear away his flesh. “AHHHHH!!!”  the man screamed. Natsu’s fangs bite into the man’s arm and then started to bite each one of his fingers.

The thug screamed and cried. He wanted to stop. Then, Natsu use his claws to slash his throat. Blood came flying flowing out of his body.  The thug’s eyes went blank and his body stopped moving after the slash.  The man was now dead.  Natsu got up from the dead body and burned it as well.  He looked at the last man. It was the same man that was using the knife. Natsu walked up towards him.

The knife guy was trembling in fear. Natsu got close to his face and grabs the knife from him and breaks it in half. He didn’t seem to bother with the blood on his hand. Well that’s because it was healed instantly.   He gave off his intense eyes at him.  He turns away from the man.  A set of wings grew out of his back and he flew away from the scene.  The man then falls down on his knees and began to cry.

The next morning, Natsu woke up back in Gray’s apartment. He was lying on the couch. His head started to throb. “Ow.” he said. “What happened? All I could remember was being hit by knife, I started to hallucinate and…” he stopped for a minute. That’s where it hit him. He lost control of himself. That spell must cause him to do this.  He turns on the T.V.

“In other news, police is searching for a young male mage that his proved to be dangerous. He has killed two people that were out on the town last night.” The news reported explained.  “Bystanders said that it could be the same that escape from prison two weeks ago, Salamander.”

“In addition, Police believes that is the same man that killed a group of thieves that were taken into custody by police. There were no survivors. If you’ve any information, please contact police.”

Natsu turns off the T.V. and lies back on the couch. “I guess that wasn’t a dream.” he responds. He felt so angry. Angry of what he did. Angry of what is starting to become of him. The next thing you know they list him as rapist. “What am I going to do?”</I> he thought to himself.  He was surely not going to tell Lucy that he was a monster.  So for now, he was going to have stay for a while and figure out a way to get out of this without bring everyone in his problem.

To be continued…</I>
Freedom to Live (Nalu Story) Chap 7
Hello!! I just want to warn you that there is a little gore in this chapter so read at your risk if you aren't you to this.
Otherwise, enjoy this chapter and don't forget to leave a comment!!!!NaLu - Thank you~ 

Chapter 8: Coming Soon!!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 6</I>

Lucy’s POV</I>

We’re at Magnolia Hospital. Juvia was in Gray room watching him. The doctor said he had a few broken ribs and head trauma, but he should be up and moving soon.  It was a relief to it was nothing life threating. After, she truly loves Gray.  I looked on at them. It was good thing that Natsu came to me and the others when he did.

I went down at the lobby to see Natsu having his head down and feeling depressed. I walk to him and sat down next to him.  “Are you feeling okay?” I said to him.  He turns to me. “Yeah, just a little tired.”  Liar. He just felt sad that this had happen to Gray.  That when I idea came into my head.  “Hey, how about go on a mission with me?”  I said.  “Huh?” Natsu looked confused.  “You know to get your mind off of it.”
“Well, I guess why not. After all, I need some fresh air.” He replies. I smiled   “Great. Then, I‘ll see you at the guild.” I got up and patted his back. “Cheer up. It‘ll be fun.

Gray’s POV</I>

I slowly open my eyes. I looked at my surroundings. Juvia was sitting in a chair and sleeping.  I smiled.  I looked at my forehead that was all bandage up.  “Be lucky that she and Natsu came when they did.” I looked to see the master in the room.  “Gramps.” I said to him. “Do you know what happened to you?” he asks me. “I remember staying the night at Juvia’s. I forgot something back at the house. So, I went back to get it. That’s when I was ambushed by man who a scythe on him.”

“A scythe?” said Markov. “I didn’t get a good look at him. But, he was dangerous. And that where Natsu came in and saved me.” Markov scratches his head. “You think it has anything to do with the shooting.” I ask. “Highly. But for now, we need to be on our guard.” he said in a serious tone. “I’ll contact Jellal and Erza and tell them what happen as well.”  Markov leaves my room quietly for me to rest.
Something was going to happen soon. Something terrible.

Natsu’s POV</I>
I was sitting at the guild hall waiting for Lucy.  This will be my first mission. So, I’m not sure what to expect. I looked around and some of the people he staring at me. “Don’t worry. The mages here aren’t adjusting to have a newbie right now.”  I turned my head to see Mirajane standing behind me. “But sooner rather than later, they will.” She said with a smile.

I chuckled. “Thank you. That’s reassuring.”  I answered. “Speaking of adjusting, I overheard you were trying to talk with Laxus earlier. How did that work out for you?”  Mira sighed. “It’s working slowly but I’ll get there.”

“Natsu.”  I heard Lucy’s voice.  She had on a nice tank top. Also a nice pair of boots.  She had to items around her belt keys and a whip.  “Wow, she looks hot.” I thought.  “Natsu, come on we should get moving.” She yelled. I got up and followed her out of the guild.

We arrived at the train station. But when we were on it, I felt strange and sick.  My face turns purple when the train started to move. Lucy looked at me. “Are you feeling okay?” she asks me. “Yeah. Just a little dizzy.”  I excuse myself into the bathroom where I started to hurl. It was embarrassing to see girl hear this. After a few minutes, I came out of the bathroom to see Lucy have to bottles of water in her hand.

I sat back down and thanked her. “I guess you’re not very good with transportation.” she said. “Pretty much.” I replied.  We’re silent for five minutes until I asked her a question. “Lucy, what does it mean to be in a guild?”  she replied. “Well, I think that being in a guild means that you’re doing something for yourself.  Meet people, creating a bond of trust, making every day special.”

“Sometimes even people who have a burden on their shoulders. A guild can help break those chains and you’ll be free to do whatever you want.”  That word again. It something that have being longing for a while. To be free.

“That’s something interesting.” I replied. “Thanks.” Lucy answered. “Now rest for a while. We should be arriving soon.” she said.

We arrived at our destination. Bongolo. The said that a pack of thieves are taking people hostage in a hotel. The reward was 400,000 jewel.  As we reached the hotel, we saw that bystanders were as the police was blocking the area.  “I hope they are okay.” said one of the bystanders.  “Natsu follow me.” Lucy said to me.

We’re on the left side of the building. “So, what now?” I ask. “Well, since we can’t rush into the front door. We’ve to make our way inside.  Luckily, I know just the person. She pulls a key and golden one to exact. “Open, Gate of the Maiden, Virgo!!!”</I> she yelled.  A maid appeared out of nowhere. “Princess, is it punishment time?”  she asked.

“No. I need you to dig a whole into the ground so that we can get in the hotel.” she ordered. “Very well.”  Virgo started to dig. “That’s strange magic you have.” I said to her. “It’s celestial magic. It gives me the power to open gate to sprits from a different world.”  She said to me.  “I see. That’s interesting.”
Virgo came up from the ground. “Princess, I’ve managed to enter the hotel.” said Virgo.  “Thank you, Virgo.’ She replies. “Do you want to punish me?” she asked. “I’m thanking you.” She answers. I just had to chuckle.  “However, there are bunch of wizards in there. Are you sure you’ll be fine?” she asks us.

“Don’t worry we’ll fine.” I said to her. “Let’s go.” And just that the two us jumped into the hole.

Normal POV</I>

Inside the hotel, there were thieves grabbing and taking away people jewelry and money.  “Come on, hurry up. We need to get out of here” said one of them.  “The cops are here.”  They were taking everyone possession. A little girl, with her teddy bear, was crying.  One of them had a gun sad to the little girl. “W-What you crying about, brat?” he said to her. “Hey, come on. Leave the kid alone.”  He said to his buddy.

The girl continues to cry. Holding her bear tightly.  “Huh? You got a problem.”  He continues to bash at her. “Come on, stop.”  The man held the gun at her.  Just as the man was about to fire, Natsu came out of nowhere and punch the guy in the face.  “I don’t like the fact that you guys are harming innocent lives.  You guys will pay for this.”   He had intense look in his face. “Shit. A wizard from an official guild.”

Lucy quickly summons forth another spirit.  “Open Gate of the Lion, Loki!!”</I>  A spirit came and he was all dress up and was wearing glasses. “Leave this to me, Lucy.” He said to her.  As he went and fought, another thief approached her. She pulled out her whip and attack. Left to right every thief was take out. The people were amazed by this.

Just when another thief tries to grab a gun, Natsu came in and destroyed the gun. Then, he kicks him upside the head. Everyone cheered. It was over.  Lucy and the others helped the people free. And just in time, the police decided to break through the door.
Everyone was treated the doctors for some medical attention. While the police arrested the thieves and hauled them away. Lucy and Natsu were presented with $400,000 jewel each from the mayor.  Natsu felt someone tug his pants. It was the girl with her teddy bear. “Something wrong little girl.” He said. She quickly handed him a pair of flowers. “They’re beautiful. Thank you.” He patted her on the head.  She smiled which made Lucy smiled even more.

As the cart full of thieves left the city, an explosion occurred. Nobody survived.  The flames rages on as a man walked and looked at the wreckage. “Yes. This would be perfect.” said O. “A way to apprehend a criminal you got to think like one.”  He captures the images.  “Your days of hunting will be done, Salamander.”

Natsu’s POV</I>

The sun was going down and we’re on the train back to Magnolia.  I, however, was still feeling sick from the train.  Luckily, Lucy brought us some food. This was going to be a long trip. “So, how was it?” she asks. “It was good. I actually feel better.” I replied. “That’s good to hear. So a second or so I though you weren’t into it.”  She said. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked. “Oh nothing.”  She whistled.

“By the way, I think. I’m starting to like it here. In your guild that is.”  I continued. “What you said to me earlier. What does freedom mean to you?” I ask.  She was startled by that question. But, she said.  “It means to happy and live your own life without anyone judging you how you live your life.”  She continued. “My dad at the time was judging me that how I should be a lady. But, I started to think about myself and life. And that is when I ran away.”

“I see. That must have been hard for you.” I said. “It was. But, that’s in the past. I’m ready to move forward.” She said with confidence.  I was happy that she’s getting a resolve on her life.

An hour later, I came for the bathroom. I felt a lot better. When I went back to my seat, I see Lucy fast asleep.  Then I thought a great idea. I slowly sat beside her without disturbing her. I put my arm around her and let her head lie down on my lap. I looked at her. She was sweetest thing I ever seen. I carefully touch her face. It was smooth as water.

Is it possible that I like her? I can’t for sure yet. But, I’ll have to wait and see.

To be continued…</I>
Freedom to Live (Nalu Story) Chap.6
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Chapter 7:Coming Soon!!!
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 5</I>

(Natsu’s Perspective)</I>

I was heading back to Gray’s place. Thank god that the stripper is not going to be home. Since he was going to hang out with Juvia. However, the one thing I had to dealing with it the temperature. Not that I’ve any problems with it.  The only thing was that this clothes were on the floor and the place hasn’t been clean. Damn. And I thought I was bad.
Besides from him and Jellal, everyone seems every friendly to me. However, Lucy is a little different. Don’t get me wrong she’s a nice person. But, when she saw me. She wanted to run away. And I’m not that scary. She take my interest of her. I feel like I want to know more about her.  While crossing the street. I saw Lucy walking on the other side of the street. “I hope she get home safely.”  I said.

Then, three men were acting so strangely, and they were following her. I didn’t like the looks of this. I quickly follow them.

(Lucy’s Perspective)</I>

I was walking back to Levy’s place. However, I had a feeling some body was watching me. I quickly pick up speed.  Look like I should take my own advice. I quickly stop at nearby building. I check to see if they were following me. “They’re gone.”  I said. Suddenly, I was got off guard.  One of them ambushed me by using their earth magic.  She quickly move backward. “These guys are mages.” A second mage uses his speed to block me off. Then, I grab my whip and attack them.

“You think a little whips is going to stop us.” One of them said. I threw my whip on one their legs grabbing it and send them flying to the next creep.  However, the leader of the group use his vines to wrap my body. “W-what’s this?”  I said. The leader laughed. “That’s my crush vine magic. My vines will now crush your entire body.” He answered. With a snap of his fingers, his body started to crush me. “Ahhhhhh!!” I was screaming in pain.  Then, I hear a voice. A male voice.

“Hey, leave her alone.” I turned to see the same man from before. It was Natsu. “Who the hell are you?” he said. “I’m the one who is going to kick your ass.”  Natsu had a serious tone. The leader send multiple vines at Natsu. He dodges them and burns them with his flames.  “Vine Snake.”</I> The vines started to shape like a snake. “I’ll burn that thing to crisp.” Flames started to appear on his hand. “Fire Dragon Flame Tekken!!”</I>  He punched thorough the snake and hit the leader knocking him out.  I was in awe. Even thought, I was being squeezed to death.

He came by me and free from the vine by using his flames.  He turned his attention to the leader’s henchmen. “Listen up, if I come and see you doing that shit. I murder the hell out of you, got it?” He gave them the rape face. Scary. They quickly pick their leader and run for it. He turn his attention to me. “Are you okay?” he asked. “I’m fine.”  I answered. “Just I little shaky. Anyway, I’ve to hurry Levy must be worried.” I quickly walked away before Natsu stopped me. “Wait, Can I walk you there? Just to make sure you’re safe.” He asked.  I turned to him. “Sure. I guess I need the company after all.”  So, we walked back to Levy’s.

(Jellal’s Perspective)</I>

I was sitting on the read reading a book. Erza was in the bathroom taking a shower. We’ve been dating for the past two months. It’s never dull moment. We go on missions walks on the beach and we’ve a dessert date or two. (Erza surely loves her cakes.) I was concerned about what happened at the meeting. Master said to let it died down. But, I’m sure the enemy will make its next move.  I heard the water turned off.
The door creaked open. “Jellal?” said Erza. “It’s okay. Come on out.” I answered. My eyes went wide, I dropped my book and blood came out of my nose. Erza was wearing a sexy bra and pantie it was black. And she made a whip in her hand. “Now, should I punish you?” she said to me. My face was red and steam shoots out at my head. I gulped and then a spilt second I fainted. “God, thank you bringing this beautiful woman in my life.” I reply before falling on the bed.

Erza rushed to my aid. “Jellal, are you there? Hang in there.”  I couldn’t hang in there my eyes are whirling around and around, and blood continues to flow from nose.

(Natsu’s perspective)</I>

We’re walking down the area of which Levy lived. “By the way, you’re a fire mage, right?” Lucy asked me. “Of course. But my flames are special.” I answered. “I see. Well, you ca considered me a friend if you want.” She reached her hand towards me and I shook it.  “Thank you.” That was a good thing to have. We arrived at Levy’s home. “Anyway, thanks for the walk. I appreciated.”  She said. “Don’t mention it. I’ll see you around.” I waved goodbye to her and head back to Gray’s place.

“She’s nice to me.” I said. I never seen a woman who is a thoughtful person. Normally, when girls see me they I’m dangerous or I’ve nice abs and muscles and ass. But, this one is different.  And she considers me as a friend.

I reached to Gray’s place and I found the door wide open. “What the hell?” I quickly went inside and I found Gray on the floor. His body was covered in blood. “Gray!” I hurry to him. “Gray, are you all right?” I asked. He turned to me. “N-Natsu, run.”  I shook my head. “No way, I want to what has happen to you.” I felt an eerie presence in the room. I was on my guard. I had to find help for him. Then, someone came behind me with a scythe. I quickly blocked it with my flames. He moved away from me.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked angrily. The troublemaker didn’t say anything. He continues to attack me. I moved left and right, avoiding the scythe.  I did a back flip to avoid it again. I use my fire to make a charge at him. “Fire Dragon Sword Horn!!!”</I> I pushed him outside. He made a double back flip and throws his blade right at me. But, I was suddenly protected by shield made of water. “Water Nebula.”</I> The man dodges the attack. I saw Juvia coming on the battlefield. She stands beside me. The man looked at our guild marks.

“Why did you hurt my friend?!” I said to him. “Fairy Tail.” the man said. He disappears into the shadows. “What was that all about?” I said. “Gray!!” Juvia yelled. I rushed back inside. “Gray, oh my god.” She said. “The wound looks pretty deep.” I said. “I think I could stop the blood.” I reached for this back but he stopped. “No, call the others. Tell them I’ll be at the hospital.” He said. “Well what about you?” I asked. “I’ll take of him.” Juvia replied. “Now, hurry. Please.”

With no choice, I hurried back to Levy’s place.

To be continued…</I>
Freedom to Live (Nalu Story) Chap.5
Hello mina. Now before I begin, I want to apologize for not being up to date with this story. Life being kind of tough for me. So, I hope you have the chance to forgive of my absence.

And with that being said I hope you enjoy this chapter of my story.  Icon-natsu-smile NaLu - Thank you~ NaLu - backhug, thank you... 

Chapter 6: Coming Soon!!!


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