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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 12

Natsu’s POV</I>

I glance at the man who put me through Hell. “Natsu, it has been a while.” he said at me. “General O. Omega.” I replied. “I see you came to obtain your freedom.” He had an evil grin on his face. “Would you really want that? All those people accepting you for you are.” He chuckled. “It’s really sad fi you ask me.” I instantly charge at him, but my attack was stopped by Vash. “Yes. Those are the eyes I’m like.” He grins at me.

I moved back. “Well, I’m accepting him for who he is., as well as everyone in the guild. Why would want to turn an innocent man back in?” Lucy proclaims. Then, Vash came from behind and grab Lucy and pin her down on the ground. “Lucy!” I screamed. “I don’t think you be concern about her. Moreover, you should consider being more concern about you.” said Omega as he rushes towards me. I moved back and spin kick him in the chest.   He didn’t flinch, but instead, grab my foot and throw down me like a rag doll.

“Damn…” I got up quickly and jump to fight him. I made rights, lefts and uppercuts, Omega doges them all. He then he made a punch at me. I was push back. Then, a kick to the gut. “I see. You aren’t at your full strength.” He said. “I’ve no intention on fight you in my form.”  I stated. “Oh, but you’ll salamander.” He proclaims.

“Fire Dragon Wing Attack!!”</I> I attack Omega. “Earth Shock.”  Our attacks clash with each other.  It causes an explosion sending us back. Vash and Lucy were looking on. “Soon, his glory will be short lived. As well as your guild.” He said to me. “Don’t be so sure. You should never underestimate Fairy Tail.” She said.

Normal POV</I>

Back in the city, The citizens was in panic with the number of mages entering the city. Fellow Fairy Tail mages protected the people and quickly sent them back in their homes. “Tear this place down.” one of the soldiers said. They all use their magic on the guild mages. However, they were swifter and tougher. “Ice Make: Arrow.” Gray sent at them and froze a group of wizards. Another group attacked Erza and Jellal. “Reequip. Black Wing Armor.”</I> She yelled. “Grand Chariot!!”</I> he yelled.
They attacked simultaneously at the attackers. Gajeel, Levy, and other wizards held their own against them. Then, a young girl tripped and yelled and was about to be attacked by them until Markov came to the rescue. He sent out a mage to take care of the girl. “How are you holding?’ he said to his children. “We’re struggling. Many people are still outside.” said Gray.  “Where’s Natsu?” he asks.

“Wendy and Cana should be taking of him.”  He replied. Then, a burst of wind came out of nowhere, attacking the armed mages. “Wendy?” said Sting. “Why isn’t Cana with you protecting Natsu?”

“I’m sorry. But, Natsu escaped. Lucy is chasing after him though.” She answers.  Another mages came behind her. But, she was saved by Juvia.  “Are you sure that Lucy will handle this on her own?” she asks. “Don’t worry, when it comes to Lucy, she’ll do something.” said Levy. She was right. Even though she’s celestial wizard, She is capable of handle this. They continued their fights. Then, on the west side of town, Scroll was running to the general. This was an outrage. He told him not to this. This cause a panic with the citizens and the council would get involved in this matter. “This’s insane. Why did I join this organization?” he said.

Then, he saw a mage fighting Vash. “Open!! Gate of the Archer!! Sagittarius!! Open! Gate of the Goat, Capricorn!!”</I> Lucy’s sprits came by her side. “We’re at your aid, Lucy.” said Capricorn. “Please.” She grabs her whip, and they began fighting. Sagittarius launched his arrows at him.  Vash was about to use his scythe, but Capricorn came behind him and destroyed the scythe with his bare hands.  Lucy move in and use her whip to attack him.
She grabs his legs, but he turns himself into mist. “The power of celestial mage, it’s quite fascinating.” He said.  Lucy was on her guard and so was her spirits. Vash appear in front of Sagittarius.  He hit in a combo of dark magic. “Sagittarius!!” Lucy yelled. “Please, forgive me. Lucy.” He faded back into the Celestial Spirit World.

“Such a rare sight to see a master care for its tool.” said Vash. “Celestial spirits aren’t tools. They’re beings like us.” Lucy protests. She landed her whip on him again while Capricorn fights against him. Vash use Nightmare Claw to attack them. They both dodged out of the way. However, it grabs Lucy’s left leg. She was dangling. She tried to use her whip but, it was knocked on the ground. “I guess that was your only opinion.” Fire started to shoot from the claws. “Now, die!!”

The claws were reaching for her when a powerful block of rock was stopped the attack. Followed by a ray of light that hit Vash. Lucy looked at the people who saved her.  It was her spirit, Loki. He helped her down all the while he saw the other person that helped her. “Are you hurt?” Leo asks his master. “I’m not. And who are you by the way?” Lucy asks the man. “I’m your ally now. I won’t let the General continued to do any more of this.” He said.

Vash got up from the blast. “Well, Scroll. I didn’t expect you to be a traitor.”  He said. “No. I’m concern about the people and the town well-being. I can’t believe that the General would choose you over us. Moreover, you’ve a criminal record. As I recall, you kill man that who some importance to the wizards around the town.”  Vash laughed. “And so what, I didn’t care. All human are stupid creatures living in a corrupt world.”

“Life isn’t fair for others. And that boy is going to learn the hard way.”  Lucy wasn’t moved his words. She picked up her whip.  “We’re going to stop you.” She said. “There is no way Natsu is going back there. His freedom is right here with us.” Vash stretched out his hand and moved his palm back and forth. “Then come at me with everything you got.” They all charged at him head on.

Meanwhile, Natsu was fighting against Omega in a different area. “Fire Dragon Brilliant Flame!!”</I> Omega cancels out the attack. “It’s pointless, Salamander.”  He said. No matter the attack you’ll never…” Then, Natsu made a punch to his head without his flames.  Omega moved back. “Hmph… I see. It time I get serious too.”  Then, Omega’s eyes began to glow and then he grew stronger.  His hands turn into claws and so did his feet. His was teeth were razor sharp.  “What the hell?” Natsu said.

Then, Omega charged at him with full strength.  He hit him in the stomach and forced down on the ground and he brought his claws together and started to spin like a drill. He dove straight at him and pierced his skin. Natsu screams in pain. Then, he grabs the claws and use his fire to send a shock wave to the area.

Natsu was lying there unable to move his body. As the smoke cleared, Omega emerged. “Give up, boy. There’s no way you can be me.” He said to with a menacing stare.

To be continued…</I>
Freedom to Live (Nalu Story) Chap.12
Hello mina!! This chapter the fights are getting tougher for our mages. And Natsu meets a certain  person that fights against.

So, I hope you enjoy this chapter, and don't forget to leave a comment down below. :iconnatsusmileplz: :iconnatsugrin-plz:
Chapter 13: Coming Soon!!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

The ground felt hot after the aftermath of the blast.  Sulfur had a grin on his face as his opponents were on the floor, unconscious. He walks towards Nemus.  “Sorry; but, I’m taking you with me. Master Roh doesn’t like to be waited on.”  He picked up his body and carries him on his shoulders. As he walks away, he felt something hit his back.

He turns around to see Cassandra throwing hot rocks at him. She was struggling to get back on her feet even though her body was hurting from head to toe.  Sulfur wasn’t in dismay that she could still stand. A high ranking Guardian would survive that and come out with sustain injuries. She took in some deep breaths. “You attack hit me really good.” She said. “However…” She raises her sword in the air. “I’m not going down without a fight.”

She plunges her sword down to the earth. Massive amount of energy was surrounding the sword. It started to glow. And with one twist, a blast of light came straight for Sulfur.  However, he step side it. “You think that is going to hit me.” Sulfur said to her.

Then out of nowhere, Senji came behind him and knocking him into the blast. All the while, he grabs Nemus and throws his body to the ground.  Cassandra ran to check up on him. Then, she saw Senji’s wounds starting to heal pretty fast.  She felt the same aura when he was fight B.J. “Isn’t that…?”

Wings started to grow out from Senji’s back as his power started to increase. Sulfur uses his power to destroy the blast of light. His body was now covered in blood. “You’re really pissing me off now.”  Then, Sulfur recognizes the aura coming from Senji as well. Senji’s sword started to take a different shape. “That’s I-Impossible.  You’ve the demon Oscuro in you?!  You made a contract with him?!”

Senji had nothing to say to Sulfur as he charges at him. Sulfur charges at him as well giving a battle cry. Cassandra was tending to Nemus wounds; when, she heard rumbling noise and it was coming this way.  She quickly grabs her sword as she felt the pressure getting closer and closer.

The Hellhound jumps over the building and landed on its feet. It was growling loudly. “How did it get here?” she said. Then, she quickly remembers the amount of energy she felt a few moments ago. “Could it be it was attracted by it?” Cassandra looked at the hound. There was on time to explain. Nemus is in danger right now.  And the only thing do is fight.

Meanwhile, Ashar could feel the aura still lingering in the area Sulfur was in. He didn’t have time to waste right now.  Who knows what Sulfur is doing out there.  “Looks like I’ve to help him.” He said. He turned his attention to Tara and Hector who was still bind and being pushed to the ground. “I love to stay. But, it time that finish you.” He grasps his hands to blind them even more and pushes them down harder with his gravitation power.

Then, he heard something coming this way. He evades the oncoming object.  “Who’s there?” he said.  He looks as Andrew was standing on top of building. He had two guns in his hands. He enchanted some words and raises his guns pointed at Ashar. “You think that is going to hit me?” he said to him.

“I shall release you to the skies. Sol!!”</I>  he yells out as he shot the bullets at him. Ashar evades them again. “See.” He said. Andrew smiled at him. “You think that those bullets were made for you.” He stated. Ashar turned away and saw the bullets hitting Hector and Tara, freeing them from his grasp. In addition, the light somehow blinded his eyes. “Ah! My eyes!!” he yelled.

Tara quickly got up and hit him from behind. She slashes his back. Ashar was screaming in pain. “Damn you!” he summons his spear. However, Andrew shoots the spear away from him and it disappears into thin air.

A chain starts to wrap around his body. They started to squeeze him tightly. Hector pulls the chains to bring the Corpus closer to him and knees him into the gut. Blood was spewing out of Ashar’s back. “It’s time I send you back to hell!” Ashar’s eye went wide in horror. They were sent up in the air. Hector uses the palm of his hand and push him down to the ground all the while holding on to the end of the chain. An ominous red light shines on the chains.

Then, Hector plumes straight down at him. “Earth Shock!”</I>

The sickle stuck into Ashar’s heart causing his body slowly began to incinerate. Then, a shockwave caused Hector to move out of the way as his attack did its job.

Within seconds, the Corpus’s body was gone. And that was left was his weapon. He grabs it. “Hector.” Tara yelled as she and Andrew went to him.  “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Thanks Andrew.” He said to them. “Don’t worry about it.” He replied. “But what’s concerning me right now is that light I saw earlier.” He looked at the direction to where it was. “Same here. Cassandra and Senji are in that direction as well.” said Hector. “Then, let’s hurry and help them.” said Tara
All three of them jump off the buildings and hurried on to the area.
Sulfur and Senji were fighting in a different area away from Cassandra and Nemus. “To think a human like you could make a contract with high rank demon.” Sulfur said to him. “It disgusts me.  Humans are our enemies. And we’ll kill every last one of you until there is no more.” Sulfur made a battle cry and keeps on fight him.

As steel kept clashing with one another, Senji could feel that something wrong. He pushes Sulfur with his sword. And then he astonished as, Sulfur bites his own hands. The blood was coming out of it. Then, he made some drops on the sword and it sank into it. It began to glow brightly. He grasps the sword and slashes at Senji. Senji manages to stop it; however, the force was so strong that he was knocked back on the ground, and was cut in the process.

Sulfur laughed at him. “What the matter? Give up so soon?” he stated.  Senji punches the ground and pull himself up. He had a smile of excitement on his face as he looks at the Corpus. “Are you kidding?  The fun is just getting started.”

Cassandra was fight against the hound. But, her attacks don’t seem to be doing any damage. “Looks like I’ve no choice then.” She stated. She was thinking on hitting it on the back just like Tara did. It is her only shot now. The hound inhales an amount of air into his lungs which cause it to spew out a fireball. She runs forward at the fireball and cuts in half; then, she jumps over its head.

Just as she was ready to attack, she reacted. The wound that Tara had given it was gone. “No way.”  She looks very surprised that could heal. The hound uses his claw to hit Cassandra. It made contact with her; but she lands on her feet. “Great. Now, how am I supposed to take him out?” she was getting a little frustrated.

“There is one way to take down a Hellhound.”  Cassandra turns around and saw Nemus slowly trying to stand up. “But in order to take him out, we’ve to work as a unit.” he stated. Cassandra slightly looks at the creature and backs at Nemus. “Okay, but how?”  she asks. Nemus walks by pass her and said. “Leave it to me.” he replied.

The hound growled at him. “You pick the wrong person to piss off. Now, it time that I show you my true identity.” he said.  He closes his eyes and opens them again having a yellow and black color shape eyes. He takes off his shirt as his arms and hands started to grow bigger and stronger. His noise became the noise of a dog. His teeth grew larger as his feet. And his ear started to take shape as well.

He then fall down to his knees and screamed in pain as tail grew out of lower back. Finally, his entire body began to glow and take the shape of a four legged animal. He grew to the size of the hound, and he was growling at him.

Cassandra was staggered by seeing this.  “You’ve got to be kidding. Nemus is a… Hellhound!” Then, he made a loud roar at his opponent.

To be continued…</I>
Guardians Chap.32
Hello everyone now in this chapter. Action will be intense and a person true self is about to be revealed.

I hope you enjoy the chapter and don't forget to leave a comment down below!!

Chapter 33: Coming Soon!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Hell Magic</I>

Tara and Hector were in battle against Ashar.  Tara uses her ring to attack him. But, he kept dodging them left and right. “Was with this guy?” she said. Ashar grabs her arm and throws her back. Tara landed on her feet. “I can’t make a hit on this guy.” Ashar landed on the ground, remotely staring at her.

Hector came behind and his use his Kusarigama against. Ashar dodges it. Hector quickly turned the end of blade into a scythe. He throws it at him again. But, Ashar uses a shield to protect himself.  The chained sickle extends make a c- curve and aims for it arms.  Ashar quickly steps sides out of the way. Ashar quickly jumps and lands on the roof.
“You and friends are being a thorn to my master plan. Therefore, you’ll be executed.” He said to them.

Form behind, Tara’s ring blade attacks him. However, he does a backflip before it made contact. Tara catches her blade. “You’re wasting your time. Your attacks won’t work on me.”  He said. Hector couldn’t understanding it. They face off many Corpuses before. But this one is different.  Ashar moved his hands around, writing were in appearing in the air.

He clasps his hands. “Religo.”</I>

Then, Tara and Hector hands were behind their backs as they weapons disappear. They were in a bind. Seriously.

“What’s is this?” said Hector. “I can’t move my body.” said Tara.

“This magic is called Religo or the Bind of Death. It bind your body until you can’t move and will squeeze your life until you die.” Then, he pointed two fingers at them.

“Schwere.”</I> He pointed them down. Tara and Hector were immediately on the ground. There was pressure on their backs as if their bodies were heavy.

“Damn, it!” said Hector. Ashar stares at them.  “I’ll grant you a painful and quick death.” he said.

Meanwhile, Nemus was in the area where Cassandra and Senji were. He protected from Sulfur’s bombs. “Nemus.”  Cassandra was surprised to see him. Senji sensed a strange aura following inside Nemus’s body. “What’s power?”</I> he thought. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”</I>

Nemus had a big smirk on his face. Sulfur was looking on at him. “So, you finally show your face.”  He responded. “Our friend is been looking for you.” Sulfur was referring to the Hellhound. “But, it looks like you save the trouble for us.”

Nemus cracks his fingers. “You know, I’m the type to fighting with other demons.”  he stated.  Then, he looks at Sulfur with an enraged look on his face. “But in this case, for the people who saved my life, I’ll make an expectation.”

Sulfur quickly summoned 25 small acids bombs at him. They exploded all at once.  Nemus came out of the blast unharmed. He charges at him, elbow him to the stomach. He hit him with a right and a left and did multiple punches that Sulfur cannot dodge them.  Then, he gave him a kick to the face.

“Bastard.” Sulfur lands on the ground and jumps into the air. “Acid Whirlwind!!”</I> A whirlwind of acid hit Kagayaku. But, he preserves it.  He jumps inside of hit. And his body started to glow white.  Senji and Cassandra saw it as well.

Suddenly, The whirlwind exploded. Sulfur was in shock. “Impossible.”  Nemus reached at his face him with a powerful double axe handle to the back of the head, sending Sulfur down to the ground heard. The impact sends shockwaves around the area. Senji and Cassandra could feel the ground shaking.

Nemus landed on the ground. He felt confident that he took him down.

When, his eyes went wide as Sulfur was getting up from impact. “I see. So, that’s the way you want to play, huh.”  Sulfur had an evil smile across his lips. Then, use a spell on himself. Red and black magic circles surrounding him. Then, he enchanted a language that not native anywhere. Cassandra couldn’t understand it.  However, Senji and Nemus understand it.

Then, Sulfur had acid around his hand. And then he places on his arm. He was screaming out in pain. He removed his hand. That when, Nemus realized what he was doing. “No. Whatever you do, don’t use it.” he yelled.

But, it was already too late. Sulfur activated the spell. An orb of darkness surrounded him. His body started to take a different shape. This clothing was ripped as sharp objects appeared on his body. Wings started to grow on his back. His eyes were red. His teeth were razor sharp. And in the center of his chest was small little orb filled liquid. Sulfur transformation was complete as the big orb faded.

Sulfur looks at his hands. “So, this is what having this magic feels like.”  He had crazy happy smile on his face.  Nemus looks at him. “You idiot, why did you use the Hell Magic?” he yelled.

Then, Cassandra remembered on what Hika said to her. “Hell Magic is dangerous magic that even demons are feared of. It grant you power that you’ve never have or seen. But, it comes at price.”</I>

Cassandra looks at Sulfur. “So that’s Hell Magic?” she said.

“It time you people to disappear.” Sulfur enchanted another magic spell. This time, on them.  Red circles surrounded the ground underneath them. He spoke the enchantment in different language.  All three of them could feel the ground starting to tremble and a red light was ascending through the earth. “What‘s this?” Cassandra was scared. Senji was in shock by this too. Nemus ran to them.  “Run!!!”

“Burn unto the heavens, Hell Radiance Drill!!” A strong fire blast shoots up from the ground and into the sky. Andrew was looking on to the light. “Oh, boy.” He knew something is wrong so he hurried to it. Takeru was looking at it as well. “This magic pressure.” he said. Tara and Hector saw the blast. “No way.”  Tara was speechless and so did her cousin. Ashar saw it as well.

“Sulfur, you dumbass.” he said.

As the blast disappeared, the smoke started to clear. Cassandra, Senji, and Nemus were lying on the ground unconscious. Sulfur looks at them and starts to laughs his ass off.
A Hellhound was running towards the scene was quickly as possible. It sensed the demonic pressure as it starts to dwindle.

To be continued…</I>
Guardians Chap. 31
Hello my people I'm here with another chapter. I hope you continued to enjoy this story. :happybounce: 

And side note for those you who don't know. Religo means bind in Spanish. While Schwere means gravity in German.

Chapter 32: Coming Soon!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 2</I>

Lucy was in the bathroom taking a shower. She was thinking about the dream she had last night. She was falling down from the sky when a person with wings quickly saved her life. He was smiling at her as he wraps her body around his and touches her face. After that the dream went black. She couldn’t identity that that was.  Was a man she knew? No, she wouldn’t know that. Or was it an angel from the heavens?

She couldn’t wrap it around her finger. “Who was that person?” she said. She turns off the shower and dries herself off with a towel and wraps it around her waist. She grabs some bra and panties from her drawer. Today is her test at the organization called Fairy Tail. She has been train for the past 3 years honing her skill of becoming a fighter. This is her chance to prove herself that she is the can fight against the best.

She quickly put on her clothes and shoes. She grabs her keys and whip and  headed to the building.

She was on the bus waiting for her stop. She came across a man who was entering the bus. He was tall, black and very handsome. He had look that make a heart melt like chocolate. He was sitting right next to Lucy. “Good morning.” she said. “Oh. Good Morning.” He replied.  He looks down at the gate keys and whip he held around her belt. “I didn’t know you’re into that sort of thing.” He said. “Come again.”

“The whip.” He pointed at it. “Oh, I’m preparing for a big test at Fairy Tail. They said to have the best skilled warriors in this town.”  She explained. “I heard rumors about them .”  He was peeked  his interest into the conversation. “Is that , right? And what kind of combat skills do you have?’ he asks. “Well, I’ve  been study up the celestial powers. After all, my mother was celestial warrior.” Lucy remembers her mother, Layla, so visually. She was beautiful ,strong, and graceful.  It was sadden  that she died when she was a child.

“That’s really nice. You’re following her footsteps.”  He smiled. “What about you?” Lucy asks. “Well, my magic is very special. It has the power to slay a god.”  She was surprised by that. “A God?  I never heard about that before.” The intercom calls for the next stop. Lucy got up and pulls the cord for a stop. She got by the door. As the bus gave to a complete stop, she got off.  She looks around her surroundings. As she turns around, the man, who sat beside her,got off as well.

“Oh, I forgot to mention. I’m heading to the exact place as you.”  he said. “Maybe we could walk together.” She nods. “By the way, my name Lucy Hearfilia.” She had a smile on her face. “My name’s Alek Nighthart. It’s pleasure to meet you, Lucy.” He said. She seems calm than she was before. She wasn’t sure that a man will like here for who she is. But, it seems okay to Alek like this.  As the two of them continued to have their conversation, a man with pink hair and scarf pass right by them.

Lucy looked at the man who was passing right by them. She felt something different about that man that gave her a sudden chill.

Natsu was just walking around the streets. He hasn’t found a place yet.  He doesn’t mind waiting around. He was in no rush. He walks into a convenience store. He picks up a bottle soda and some sweets. It was good thing he had some money on him.  Otherwise, he would be broke.  He pays for his stuff from the counter lady.  He gives his thanks and went off to his next location. As he was walking, he felt a vibration through the area.  Suddenly, he became cautious of the situation. He closes his eyes and opens as they became a dark red color. The space surrounding him came to a halt and time was stopped as well.

Then, he hear a swirl sound, it was heading behind him. He blocks it by using his tail.  “Man, this’s a pain.” He said.  “You hunters can do something better than a sneak attack.”  Then, a large man came from behind and uses his fists to punch him into the ground. Natsu quickly bounced by to avoid being hit. He chuckled as more hunters surrounded him. “Now that’s more like it.” He grins. Then, he felt something in his soul waiting to emerge. It was his inner demon.

“Fuck no! Control it!” he tried to clear it out of his mind.  But, it was too late. The inner demon quickly took over. He had some scars on his skin and face.  He smiled evilly showing his razor sharp teeth.  The hunters quickly make their mark on him. But, the demon was than ready to kill. He was ready to murder.

Alek and Lucy arrived at Fairy Tail. There, they saw many people who were here for the test at the training area. . “Good morning.” Lucy looks to her left. A woman with white hair kindly greets them. “I’m Mirajane. You must be here for the test.” she said. “Yes. I’m Lucy Heartfilia. It a pleasure to meet you.”  She responded. “Alek, it’s good to see you again.”

“Well, it has been long since I’ve came here.” he said to Mira. “What’s going on?” Lucy asks Mira. “Oh you didn’t know. Alek here is part of this place as well.  He was one of the top warriors in our guild.  He was number three.” Lucy looks at him.  She never thought he would be that strong. “Amazing.”  Alek scratches his head. “Well, I’m kind of use to it.” Then, a whistle blew thought the area. “All right, kids. Listen up, it time for the test. Gather around!”

That was Lucy’s cue. As she headed to the area, Alek grabs her. “Good luck.” He said with smile. Lucy nods in response. “All right, everyone. My name’s Markov.  I’m the master of this guild. Today, I’ll test to see if you’re commendable to join our ranks. I’ll pair you up and both of you will show me your strength and will to fight. That’s all.” he explains.  Lucy was excited and nervous. This was moment to get into the guild.

Meanwhile, Natsu was lying there on alley looking at the people passing by. He sighed. He did it again. His demon side took over and the result of it he slaughters them without a thought. “Man, this sucks.” he said. But, there wasn’t much he could do.  Right now, he needs to find a place for the night. He got up from the alley and walks across the street without people noticing him.

To be continued…</I>
Taming a Demon Within(Nalu Story) Chap.2
Hello my people!! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my series. I've been reading good romance novels and I had to make something like but with Fairy Tail standards.

 So with that being said. here is the second chapter of this story. I hope you enjoy this and continued to follow it. Don't forget to leave a comment below after you read it. Discalmier: I don't own Fairy Tail nor its characters. Natsu - oke then... Lucy - Blushes 

Chapter 1:


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