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(Contains: violence/gore)
Chapter 13</I>

Ox was inside the room carrying his axe with him. He glares at the man who was taking the crystal. “So, the council sent him to get rid of me, huh.” said Tristan.  He put away the crystal in his pocket.  “I’ve no other choice then.”  Fire unleashes in his hands. “Come at me, you beast.”

Ox wasn’t intimidated by this man. To him saying the word “beast” to him. He would take that as a complement before his opponent bleeds and dies.  He grips on his axe and starts to swing at him. Tristan had a smile on his face.  He had tendency to know a person strengths and weakness.  He looks at Ox, he sees that his magic is great and offensive powers are at high standards.

However, Ox was sorely focusing on getting rid of the opponent unware his surroundings making his defenses open for an attack.  And that’s what Tristan did, he dodges his attack and comes behind him and hit him with a fireball to the back.  It bruised him, but that didn’t stop him from destroying him.  He swirls his axe around causing a whirlwind. Tristan use his flames and two the elements clash with each other.

Lucy could feel the sudden impact from that attack. However, she can’t just run away. This man was stealing the crystal and she needs to stop them.  She grabs a gate key.

“Open, Gate of the Crab, Cancer!!!”</I> she yells.

A spirit that looks like human appears before her. Cancer had shard claws on his back and Crab arms as arms. “Go!! Stop that Thief!!” she ordered. He obeyed and went after Tristan. Lucy grabs her whip and joins the battle.

Meanwhile up surface, security was getting everyone to evacuate. Gajeel and Levey were searching for Lucy.
“Have you found her?” Levy asks Gajeel. “No I can’t find her scent anywhere. There just too many people.” He replies.  Levy was getting awfully worried for her.

Just then another explosion erupts causing the ground to shake. Citizens scream and ran from the port. A security guard came behind them and he grabs their shoulder.  “I’m sorry. But, I need you to evacuate.” He said to them.

“Our friend is inside somewhere. We’re not leaving without her.” Levy responded.  “It’s too dangerous for you to go.”  He said to her. “Even so, we’re going to help her.”  Just then the guard grabs her right arm. Gajeel tries to fight; but, he was hit with a stun gun by another security officer.
“Gajeel!!” She yells. The guard tires to restrain her. But that’s when the bookworm decides to make a move.

“Solid Script: Gravity!!”</I> The force of the gravity pushes both security guards to the ground. Gajeel went to check on her. “Are you okay?” he asks. “No need to concern yourself.” She responds. “What matter is to find our friend.”

“Gajeel suddenly pick up a familiar scent. “What’s wrong?” said Levy.  He points to that door that was open. “You think Lucy went in there.” She asks.

“There’s only one way to find out.”  Gajeel and Levy in there to find the celestial mage.
Natsu was in the real room just  walking around when  he feel something tingling in his heart. “What do I get the feeling something bad is going to happen?”  He thought. He turns and runs to find the bad aura he is feeling.

Meanwhile, Ox was taking to Tristan. He throws his axe like a boomerang at him. Tristan moves his body backwards and avoids being sliced the axe went and destroyed four pillars that were supporting the room. Tristan got back up and moves to the side before he was cut by Cancer’s blades. Lucy came from behind and uses her whip. He quickly moves out of the away and grabs her whip and throws her back in the ground.

She maintains her balance as she landed on her feet. “You quite the interesting one.” He said to her. “Your magic seems so different. Just who are…”

Before he could even utter a sentence, Ox comes and in and tries to crush him with his fist.  He move back to avoid being hit. He was getting irritated of this. He needs to deliver this to his master immediately. He made a fire symbol come out of his fingers.
“I call upon Argar, the Fire beast.”</I> He yells.

As the symbol began to glow, hand crept inside the mark. Then another hand emerged then head and finally the entire body.  It had animal eyes and razor sharp teeth. It made a loud battle cry and attacks Ox. Ox grabs it arms and tried to rip it apart with his strength.

Tristan decides to make a break for it. Lucy tries to stop him. But, fire arm appear out of nowhere and grabs and pushes her to the ground.  “It shame to see a woman like die in here. But, duty calls. Next time, doesn’t meddle into things that you don’t belong. That’s’ if there is a next time for you.”  He snaps his fingers and Argar started to glow brightly.

Ox wonders if his was another one of his tricks. However, he couldn’t act because Argar exploded causing the room to shake.

Lucy couldn’t see anything with this thick smoke she covers her mouth to prevent her from inhale the smoke. Then, she felt something wet on her knees. She touches it.
“Water.” She said. She looks up and water was staring to coming in the room.

“This bad I didn’t realize I was underneath the water.” She said. “I have to get out.” She got up to her feet and headed for the exit.  She heard a moan coming from the room.
As the smoke clears, she saw Ox and his left leg was trap within the rubble. “Help me!” he said. She looks at him. He was desperate to get out. And the water levels were rising quickly. She quickly acted once more.

“Cancer, help him.” she said. And he did just so by cutting the rocks in small pieces. Ox was finally free. “Thank you, Cancer.” She said. Cancer went back into the spirit world.
Ox acted quickly as he grabs the blond and ran out of here as the room began to collapse on itself.  They ran out to Level 3. But as they did, water began rushing through the door.  OX and Lucy ran as they could. But, the kept moving faster and faster until it catches up to them and swallows them up.

Gajeel and Levy went inside further and further down the hallway. Gajeel could hear something rushing down the hallway. It was coming really fast.

“Gajeel, what’s wrong?” Levy asks. Gajeel quickly grabs her and put her over his shoulder.  And darts out of the hallway.

“Gajeel, what are you…?”

“I’m sorry.” He interrupts her. “But, we need  to leave now.”  Gajeel spouted out giant wings out of his back and, with Levy, he flew all the way to the outside.  Levy saw the oncoming water rushing outside.  But, Lucy was nowhere in sight.

“Lucy!!” she yells.

Meanwhile, Tristan was further away from the port.  He was about to deliver the crystal to his master when flames came at him. He moves out of the away from them.

“It’s look like we meet again, Salamander.” He said . As he senses Natsu behind him.  Natsu had a disgust look on his face.  He knew that bad aura had to be Tristan.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Beast Within (Nalu Story) Chap.13
Hello you guys!! I'm back with another update chapter.  Things will get heated from here on out. Enjoy Don't foget to leave a comment!!Okay - Lucy Fairy Tail Natsu - Let's fight again sometime.. Natsu - I am king 

Disclaimer: I odn't own Fairy Tail of the content of it characters . That all belongs to Hiro Mashima!! :iconhiromashimaplz:

Chapter 14:Coming Soon!!!

Here's  a list of Chapters  that way you can catch up!! Fairy Tail Icon 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Chapter 12</I>

Lucy, Levy and Gajeel arrived at the Port of Authority in Magnolia. They see people buying gifts, eating at the local restaurants or, just watching the boats pass by. And underneath it was a local aquarium for people to see the ocean life. Seeing all of this, Levy sighs in happiness. Gajeel on the other hand wanted to throw up.

Lucy wasn’t thinking about all of that. In fact, she was thinking about words that Natsu said replaying into her head. “No! As much as I appreciated it, you can’t help or get involved in my affairs.”
It made her get all hot about it.

“Lucy. Lucy” Levy said to her. Lucy snaps out of her thinking. “Oh, Levy I’m so sorry. I just got caught up in the moment here.” she said to her.  “Are you feeling all right? Do you need any help?”

Lucy shook her head. “No thank you. I just need to use the restroom.” And with that, Lucy walks away from them.

“What’s the wrong her?” said Levy. “She’s acting so strange.”

“You think so?” said Gajeel.

“Of course.” she said to him. “When comes to people like her, I worry for them.”

Gajeel turns away and pouts. “So, I guess you don’t care about me, right?” She blushes and turns back to him. “Uh…I do.” She didn’t what to say. But, Gajeel laughs at her.  “I’m just joking, okay.”  He grabs her waist and kisses her on the cheek and then on the lips. She could feel that beautiful bliss.

Lucy was walking alone. She felt a little upset that is always being useless. First, Alek didn’t want her to go on that mission with him. Now, Natsu saying to her that he doesn’t needs her help.  It was frustrating for her.

Suddenly, out the corner of her eye, she spots a man wearing a black hood over his head. He was looking left and right to see nobody saw him and he went into a room that was completely off limits to people.  “That can’t be good.” she thought.

 As much as she doesn’t want to get into any trouble, Lucy follows the man without anyone noticing.

Back the council,everyone was discussing the problem at the Ministry and Welfare.
“This is preposterous!” said the chairman. “How could a thief bypass our defense systems?!”

“We aren’t so sure. But his magic was able to retrieve the crystal without any problems.” Said Selene.

“I’m fully aware of that. What I want to know is how?!”  The chairman turned to Alicia who was in charge of training and recruiting the mages and warriors in the council and sends them to defeat each building that’s important.

“I can assure of such failures are disgraceful to me. Once they recover some injuries, they’ll be disciplined. Strictly disciplined.” She said to the chairman.

“What even more to this is that the Salamander came and engaged in battle against the thief.” Said Louis. “And for some unknown reason, your wizards couldn’t do a damn thing to stop them.” he was talking to Jellal.

“Look  saving and protecting the citizens is what’s important to them.” Jellal retaliates.  “They would able to handle the two of them when the time comes.”

“And when is that? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? Wake up, Jellal.  We don’t  know when one these men will strike next.” He said to him. “From the looks of things, he might be striking a guilds who dark secrets.”

“Oh really?” he tried to sound surprised as he already knew that Louis and Selene were doing thanks to Laxus and Mira.

“We’re fear that the Salamander might going after guild most dark secrets especially Fairy Tail’s.”

The chairman interrupts them.  “That’s enough!!” he yelled. “We’ll focus  on the Salamander dilemma  soon. But, we’ve more important thing to discuss.”

Just then, a siren rang throughout the room. A warrior came rushing inside the meeting. “Councilman, we’ve a problem.” He said to him. “Well , what is it?”  said the councilman.

“The fourth level of  the port has been breached!!” he stated.

The councilman  was stunned. “What !!”

“What’s not possible” said Selene.  “The port had secret level of security when in case of terrorism. More importantly, it has core system  underneath the sea 7 ft. from the aquarium. It should be able to detect any one person who sees as a threat. How can…”

“Isn’t obvious.” Said Alicia. “It’s the exact same man who attacked The Ministry and Welfare.” She stands up from her chair. “Send troop on the fifth and sixth floor to stop him. All other troops protect the seventh floor and evacuate the people quickly.”  She said to him.

The warrior nodded. “Very well, ma’am.” He said. He quickly left the room.

“Mind explaining to us what’s going on?” said Louis.

“Well, I think he’s after a certain crystal inside there.” She explains. “And if he’s powerful going up against the Salamander. Then ,he wouldn’t mind taking on our strongest mage…OX.”

The councilman, Louis, Selene were shocked by this. Jellal; however, wasn’t fade by this. He knows how this mages get the job done. After all, OX was a criminal back then and now he’s executioner for criminals. Now the only question is: How can the thief defeat OX?

Tristan  was inside the fourth lower level of the port. He had sly grin on his face as he was surrounded by warriors and mages. “Is this a party or…….a slaughter fest?”

The group of warriors charges at him. some move left and right to corner him.  However, Tristan blasts them away with a special ability.

“Flaming Snake: Crimson Dance!!”</I> he yelled.  A flaming snake  appears before him and starts to attack the warriors burning them to cylinders. The mages were surprised and frightened by this man power.

“Oh did you all enjoy my masterpiece?” he said to them with devilish smile.

They fear turned into anger. “Y-You bastard!!” They all charged at  him while uses their magic to fight from a distance. Tristan gave devious glare at them. “Now, it’s time for you to disappear.” He summons his snake to attack them while he conjures up a fireball over the rest of the mages.  And then, he plummet it down on them as well as the snake consuming the rest of the mages and  causing a big explosion.

Lucy was following Tristan as she felt the explosion as well.  The structures in the level are dangerous because it’s underwater. One false mistake, and this whole place will go underwater. Regardless, she needs to keep pushing on.

Tristan reached to the seventh floor all the while defeating the mages who was defending it. He opens the door and there, he saw the second crystal that Master Hayden was searching for. He grabs it and stores it away. Then he hears someone coming.

“Well, It looks like I got a follower.” He turns to see Lucy standing in behind of him.  “I’m sorry, dear. You’re too late. “ he steps down on the steps.
Lucy grabs her keys. “Are you the one that attack the Ministry?” she said to him. “Answer me!!!”

Tristan looks at her. “Her magic is quite unique” he thought. “Maybe she…” He had a big smile on his face. “Very well, woman.” He spouted out his flames in his hands. “I would happy to be your opponent. Beside, those guards bore me.”

Lucy felt his raw power from him. But ,she was determined to fight. Then, the room started to shake as  someone burst into the room. It startled Lucy as she saw  a man with big muscles, an eye patch, and a tattoo that had an ox on his chest.  And he cuffs around his wrists but without the chains.

“What’s that” she said.

Tristan looks at the man. “So, they brought him… OX.”

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap.12
Hello everyone!! I'm back with a new chapter. Don't to read and comment about itNatsu - Let's fight again sometime.. Natsu - Smiling :iconfairytaillucyplz:

Discalmier:I don't own Fairy Tail or the content of characters that all belongs to Hiro Mashima. :iconhiromashimaplz:

Chapter 13: Coming soon!!
Chapter 11</I>

Lucy was tossing and turning on her bed. She was getting a little hot flash from her body. She got up from her bed and went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.  As she reached for the fridge in the kitchen, she flinched as she heard someone sleeping on her couch.  She looks by there and it was Natsu. “Why is he here?” she thought.  “Was he waiting for me?”

He was sleeping so quietly. She really didn’t want to know what might happen if he awakes up. She slowly grabs her water and walks away from the kitchen. When she reaches halfway across the hall, she begins to notice him. He was half naked and his skin was lightly colored and it shines like the warriors from Greek times. She gazes into his onyx eyes.  She leans in closer to him. His lips were parting away.  She pulls away and shook her head.

“No. I can’t.” she said. She turns back around to her room. But, then, she slightly looks at him again.  Suddenly, his eyes open at her. She jolted. He raises his head up and gave a slight chuckle.

She trips on her feet and felt on the ground. Natsu races out of the couch and pins her to the ground. She was at his mercy and he knows it. “You’re up this late.” He said. “You know in this position I would’ve you screaming like a bitch, calling my name.”

She looks at him, not feeling intimidated by him. “Why are you here? Why you here in my place?” she asks.  He lets go of her wrists and pushes away from her. “Because, I’ve no place to go.” He replies.  He got up from her. Lucy stands up and tries to calm down he thought he was going to kill her. There was dark marking etched out of his skin. “Are you …”

“Yes. The one you are speaking with his the demon side of me.” he said.  “My master is timid when it comes to destruction and death. On the other hand, I feel very enjoyable when it comes to it. The world can be very corrupted thing. Many people doing evil deeds to get ahead. I was one of those people. But then, someone changed all of that for me.”

“Who was that?” she asks. “Her name was Candice. I saw her in the forest and in the bar.  She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen before in my life. The way she talks, laughs, smiles. And that body of hers makes and man or demon go insane.”

Lucy was very thankful that she wasn’t the jealous type.

“We’re planning on going out to sea and seeing the world. However, something happened. I went to find her when I saw angry mob carrying Candice into the village. When I came into the village and saw her being burn by the steak, she had a smile on her face and she was crying. She turns to me and said “thank you.”  And she was burning into ashes, my heart was shatter right and then,”

“That’s when you took over and started to kill those people and destroyed the village.” said Lucy. Natsu nodded. “I never want to kill the innocent. It was always so hard for me when I see their bodies. After the village was destroyed, I took the remains of Candice’s body, put in a glass jar and send it out into the ocean where her resting place is.

“For that day on, I searched for any clues to find whoever did this to her. I fought some many tough challengers along the way.”

Lucy felt sorry from him. That woman gave the meaning of life to him and she was killed for that.  It was very tragic.

“Do you know who did this?” she asks again. “No, but I know it was a man. I’ll find him and make him pay.” He said. “I couldn’t find any leads on him even before I was sealed.  Everyone I defeated said “I don’t know or go to hell, you demon.”

Lucy stands up. “Let me give you a hand. I can find the information you’re looking for…”
“No!!” he shouted at her.  She jolted again. “As much as I appreciated you helping me, this is as far as you go.” He looks at her and gets a visual of Candice in his mind. “I lost someone to this. I don’t want you to be drag down into the depths of hell with me.” he walks up to her and touches her face. “Please, don’t go any further than this.” His look and tone was serious but caring at the same time.

She nodded quietly.  Natsu rested on the couch. “Um… You’re going to sleep here?” She said. “Of course I don’t have place to go remember.”  He extend his hands to her.  “Is he serious?” she thought. She didn’t want to get with a person like him. But, she feels strange around. She didn’t know what to expect next from him. She extends her hands but, her stops halfway.  “I’m sorry, but I’ll grab some pillows for the closet.” she said.

Before she tries to get them, Natsu grabs her arm. “Lucy…” he whispers. His breath just made her tingle in her body. “Your water.” He set the water in her hand and she walks back to the room feeling embarrassed   She grabs an extra set of pillows and a sheet for Natsu and went back inside her room.

He smirked and took off his shoes and lies back down on couch. He sniffs the pillows and the sheet. he sighs in pleasure. “Her sweet scent is beautiful. Just like hers.”  He closes his eyes and falls into sleep.

The next morning, Lucy got up from her bed. She looks around the room and it seems quiet. She got up and went to check on Natsu. But he was gone and so was his journal.  Lucy felt disappointed. She really wanted to learn more about him.

She arrives at the guild and saw Alek in the training grounds. “Oh, you made it.” He said. “Yeah.”  She tries to smile but the truth is she doesn’t want to practice. However, she hasn’t made any improvement on her magic so this was her chance to do it.

Two hours later, training was over. And Lucy and Alek worked up a sweat. She dries herself off with a towel. ‘That was intense.” she said.  “See! Was so good of you to come here?” he said. It was good but she still was feeling upset.

Two mages came in the room Gray Fullbuster aka “Ice Prince” and Cana aka “Card Reader”. “It good thing we’ve got up to you.” said Gray. “What is going on?” said Lucy.

“It about those guys Ichi and Norwind. These guys are trouble to us.”

“Mira and Laxus saw them in the storage room looking for something.  Then, they were having a conversation with someone. They snapped them with their magic phone.”  Said Cana. Gray showed them the picture on their phone.

“The Master, Erza and Jellal are looking into as we speak.” said Gray.  Lucy saw the picture. She saw something funny about them. She hopes these guys were caught red handed.

It was late in the afternoon; Lucy was heading to the Magnolia Port of Authority. There she saw two mages she knows. Levy Mcgarden aka “Bookworm.” And Gajeel RedFox aka “Iron Hammer.”  “Hey, are you guys heading down there.” She said to them. “Of course.” Levy replied.  Gajeel turns away. “I ‘m just joining her.” He said. Levy chuckled. The three of them headed down there. Unware, the man had plans as well down there. A man name Tristan.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap.11
Hello, you guys. I'm back with another Fairy Tail chapter of my story. I hope you enjoy and would love to give your take about it!!Natsu - Geehee Natsu - Let's fight again sometime.. :iconnaluplz:

Discalmier: I don't own Fairy Tail or its characters. I own the OC's. The rights og to Hiro Mashima. :iconhiromashimaplz:

Chapter 11:Coming Soon!! 


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