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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Chapter 7

Lucy was inside her bedroom, reading the man’s journal.

It was another day for me being accused. I cause nothing but disturbance among the land. And that’s all mind ever did. However, that all changed for me. While I was walking in the forest, I encounter a woman who was walking in the same direction I was going.

She was very young and beautiful. Her hair shines bright as the sun. She almost resemble of Little Red Riding Hood.  She looked at me and smile. “Good evening.” She said. It felt strange. She didn’t run or scream at the sight of me. What was happening here? Then, I felt tightness in my heart. I clutch my chest as I fell on my knees
“Damn, my heart is hurting me.” It stopped for a few seconds. “Was it that woman?” I thought.  I quickly follow her out of the forest without her noticing me.

There, I saw a small town up ahead. There were a couple of people who was there and some who were inside their homes. The woman went inside a bar. I followed.

Lucy then hears a knock on the wall. “Come in.” she said. Alek came in with stuff and sweets for her. “I thought you might be hungry.”  He said to her.  He sat on the floor next to her. However, she didn’t say anything. Her mind was focus on the man she saw. “Was he a different person back then?” she thought
“Lucy, is there something wrong?” Alek asks. “Umm…No. I’m sorry. I’m a little shaky from today.” She answered.  “I guess you weren’t the only one. The guild was able to save the people inside. But, the thief was able to escape with crystal.”

“How is that even possible?” she said.

“Apparently, someone drove from the roof and fought against the man. At least that is what Erza told me. She said he had evil look on his face. As if he enjoyed this kind of thing. Also, he had scales around his neck, face, hands and feet and he had wings on his back.”

Lucy realizes a sudden click. This man, does he have a split personality? Because from the look of it, he protect her from that monster.

“And I don’t why but that man had look of gladness. That he was happy to see him.”  He continued to explain. “I don’t understand this all. But, I ‘ve feeling he’s going to come back.”

She had a little concern about this matter. She needs to figure this out.  She needs to know who that man is.

“You can rest easily.” He said to her. “Why” she asks. “Because tonight, I’m sleep at your place.” He got up from the floor. “I just feel as if I shouldn’t leave all alone by yourself.” He took his shirt and rest aside on the floor. “So, do you have any extra pillows and sheets?” he asks. Lucy told him that they were in her closet.

She sighs. She thought that they were going to sleep together in her bed. She wasn’t even ready to do it with him. She barely even knows him.

Natsu looks at his flames as he sees the blondie and the man that she was with. She still has his scarf and book with him. “I might be able to get my stuff back…However.” His glaze went straight to Alek. “I don’t want this man get in my way.”  In his words, getting in the way with blond. It excites him to her like this. He wanted to see if she can figure him out. Then, he’ll go in for the kill.

At a hotel, Ichi and Norwind contacted Selene on the phone. “Are you sure about this?” she said to them.  Ichi nods. “There’s no doubt about it, that thief has run off with the gem. And during the mists of it, he came in contact with the Salamander.” He explains.
“But, it’s strange. Why would this man want a powerful stone? And why does the Salamander has got to do with it?” said Norwind.

“I’m not sure. But, I’ve feeling all this would come in to play. We’ll handle the situation. Right now, I want you to scout any information to the guild that can benefit from us. Also, keep a close eye on the members they might know something.  Take care of the Salamander and Fairy Tail that is our top priority.” said Selene.
“Yes, ma’am.” They said in union. Ichi hangs up the phone. Norwind turns to the away from his partner. “Where are you going?”  Ichi asks. “To sleep. If you’re going to pick some girls that fine with me. Just don’t make too much noise.”

Kikuyu spotted two young ladies that just got out of the bar and were a little tipsy. He had smirk on his face. “Oh, don’t worry. That’s what I’ve been planning.” He said. He approached the girls. They were a little confused to what was happening but they went in the hotel and have a nice little talk.

Back at the apartment, Lucy was still sleeping on her bed and having a dream.

She felt a chill in the air. Her body shivered. “Why is it so cold?” she said. She got up from her bed and she realizes that she was naked.  She nearly shirked at the sight of it.  Then, she saw male figure who was naked as well. But, she couldn’t get a good description of his face.  His face, hair, and body were completely wet.

“Who are you?’ she said to him. The man didn’t respond. Instead, he pushes her down onto the bed.  He was on top of her and he smiled. She felt sudden chill on her spine.  Both the scary and non- scary kind.  He extends his hand and touches her face and her hair. Then, he made his way down at her breasts and starts to play with them.

“Ah! S-Stop!” she protests. But, he didn’t respond. He kept teasing her. And he uses his tongue to play her nipples and then he sucks on them. She gasps softly.  He looks at her and he trails his other hand touching her legs. “Ah! No, p-please. Let me go.  He moves his to her ear.

“Damn, you’re really cute. I never had seen one like you that can make a man turn on.” He whispers.

Her legs were shaking as he inches his hand all the way down there. Tears were flowing down her eyes.  She didn’t understand who that man was and why he was do this to her. Was it because she said something out of line?

Then, she felt something going inside of her. She cried in pain. “Please relax for me.” he said to her.  She obeyed.  He groaned as his member was all the way in. “Shit, you feel so hot.” he said. They took several deep breaths.

Lucy closes her eyes and prepare for the worst. He began thrusting inside of her in slow motion. Then after a few minutes, he picks up the pace
The smell of lust and sex filled the air in the room. Groans, moans, and gasps echoed throughout the room. Lucy opens her eyes and the man was close to her face. But, she couldn’t see that well since her vision started to blur.  But, those eyes bore the soul of not only a man but a demon as well. “Why?”  She thought.

Then, the man lips touch hers as he brought her forward to him. “I want to see more of her.” he thought.  They broke the kiss.  Lucy then wraps her body around him and clings onto him as he continued to thrust inside of her.

He was lost in pleasure. He wanted to pleasure this woman. He kept thrusting in and out until he finally came. They both gasp and fell back on the bed. Their bodies were aching and they were out of breath.  He slightly chuckled and smirked. “You really are nice girl, aren’t you.” He said as he kisses her forehead.

Lucy wakes up feeling surprised about that dream.  She turns over the covers and saw that she still had on her clothes. She sighs. “I can’t that I just dream that?” she said. “First, a man saving from falling and now this?!” But, then she thought about that other dream. Could those dreams be connected to something?

She got up from bed and grabs some water some the fridge to cool off.  There she saw Alek sleeping on the couch in her living room. She smiled seeing that he was there. Though, she wouldn’t tell him that he was cute when he sleeps.  She went back in her took a drink of her water and went back in her bed.

Natsu was still looking on at her from his flames. “It’s really nice that you can dream peacefully” he said. “All my life, I could never rest easily. Not with everyone wanting my head as a prize. However, seeing that girl and talking to her made want to give humanity a chance. But… something happened. And that when I fully control of myself and went completely berserk.”

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within Chap.7
Hello everyone!! I'm back here with another Fairy Tail chapters. So Enjoy!! :iconnalukissplz:

Warning: This scene is lemony SO hit the back button now Otherwise enjoy!!!happy mew blushed 
I don't own Fairy Tail or the contents of it's characters. I own the OC's. The rest belongs to Hiro Mashima. :iconhiromashimaplz:

Chapter 8: Coming Soon!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 6</I>

Lucy was looking on seeing the pink man fighting against the demons. “What the…” she couldn’t believe it. Alek caught up to her. “Lucy, are you okay?” he asks. “Alek, are you seeing this?” he looks up and he only sees the sky. “I don’t see anything, Lucy.”  He looks at her in shock. Does this mean she’s the only one who can see it?  She looks on at the fight.

Natsu was moving left and right to avoid any attacks at the demon. He grabs its arm and in couple of cracks, he dislocated the wrist.  The demon was screaming in pain. He uses his flames to burn the demon into a burning crisp. Another one came behind and attacks him with his sword.  He moves left and right and blocks it with his hands.

He then throws him on the ground and lands on it stomach. Natsu burns him right where he stands. Lucy was amazed by his abilities. She then felt a presence. She turns around and sees a demon lifting her up and choking her. Alek was surprised to her being lifted up in the sky like that. “Lucy, hold on.” He said to her.

Lucy struggle to break free the demon but, it had a really strong grip. “Let go of me.” she said. The demon squinted it eyes at her. Then, he felt a burning hole in chest as Natsu pushes his fist into it. It let go of her dropping on the ground and turns it head around at him. He was giving off a menacing glare at it as he burns the last one. Lucy was on the ground. Her body was shaking. She didn’t whether to be impressed or to be scared.
Natsu walks to her and looks at her. “Wait a minute… you’re the person that I saw last night.” He said. “Last night.” She couldn’t understand what he was saying. But then, she remembers the sensational touch from him. “He’s the one that broke into my house?” she thought. Natsu extend his arms at her. But then, he felt trembling sensation in his body.
He moved back from Lucy.  “No. Not now, please.” He looks at her again and decided to fly off.  “Wait!!” she yells. But, it was too late. He was already gone.

“Lucy, are you all right?” she turns around. She had completely forgotten about Alek.  “Alek, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you made me worried.” She said as she was getting up. He grabs her hand.

“Come on. I’m taking you home.” he states. “It’s okay. I can…” Lucy realizes that his grip on her was tight. He wasn’t let go of her. She looks at him as they were walking out of the park.  “Was he really that worried for me?” she thought.

Natsu was on the other side of the city, trying to not to turn vicious demon again. “Shit!Shit!Shit!” Then, he gave a loud scream as the demon side started to take over his body. Even his short hair started to grow longer thorough the transformation process.

He made a chuckled. “Destroy. Destroy everything you see in sight.” He said.  He looks around and sniffs the area. He smells a strong aroma coming the building. He smiled. “Well, perhaps I should check it out.”  He flies to the building.

At the building of Ministry and Welfare, Tristan was below the level A was in a secret guarded area. He uses his magic to burst open the door.  There, golden emerald was floating in a container. He uses his magic again to make himself invisible to the security camera and easily disable the traps.  He walks up and instantly snatches from his hands.

“This was all too easy. To think that those warriors, who have little to magic in their bodies and only have to rely on weapons to survive. Ridiculous." He walks away from the lower level and decides to head back up. He came across a few guards that he had already defeated. There were a couple of his demons taunting and watching some the hostage people
“That’s enough. We got what we came here for. So, let us get out of…” he heard a rumble in the front entrance. The door exploded as he saw three mages bursting in the door. It was Erza, Gray, and Gajeel. “Well, Well. I’ve company.” said Tristan. “Are you the one that’s keeping these people as your prisoners?” said Erza. He looks at them. “If you want them freed, then go ahead. I’ve already what I want.” He said.

Ice began to crawl upon Gray’s shoulders. “Sorry, but I’m afraid we aren’t going to let you get off so easily.” He said to Tristan. “Well, then …” golden flames pour out from his hands. “…Let his dance, mages.” Gray and Gajeel charge at him. Gray uses his Seven Blade Ice Dance on Tristan. But, he blocks it and melts the ice from his shoulders.

“What the hell…” Gray couldn’t believe that. Tristan side steps him and kicks him the back and throws him on the ground. Gajeel manages to push him away with his iron club. Tristan was send back up against the wall. “Erza, now.” He yelled. She reequips into her samurai armor and charges at Tristan with full force.

He grabs the iron club and pulls it up with full strength. Gajeel was up in the air was slammed down on the ground hard.
Tristan’s gold flames turn into a sword made of his own power. He made quick haste against Erza. Their blades clashing with one another. “I’m amazed.” He said. “No mage or warrior has ever gotten me this entertained.”  Gray was on the ground creating his ice cannon.  He aimed at Tristan. All the while Gajeel was ready for a big roar.

“Ice Cannon!!”</I> He fires the bazooka at him. “Iron Dragon Roar!!”</I>  He blew out a massive roar as well combining the attacks together. Tristan turns his head and the oncoming attack. “A Unison Raid?”  The oncoming attack hits him. Erza quickly avoids the attack and lands right beside them looking on. “Did we get him?”  said Gray
A golden light suddenly appeared. Tristan burst out of the attack with some cuts and bruises. “What…? That didn’t faze him?!” said Gajeel.  Tristan quietly laughs. Then, it grew louder. “This is wonderful! Now, I’m ready for a fight!!”  he said with gold flames in his hand. But just as he was ready, something flies into the building. It grabs it head and smashes it into the ground.

Tristan winces in pain. But, he use his flames to pushes him off.  “Damn. Who the hell are you?” he yells. Then, he takes a good look at the person. He had wings, a tail, and horns and scales all of his body. He was in shock to see who it was. ‘No. It can’t be…” he said. “The Slayer of Death. The Salamander… Natsu Dragneel.”

Gray, Gajeel and Erza were in shock as well.  “What did he just say?” said Gray. “You mean the one that was sealed away many years ago.” said Gajeel.  Ezra’s eyes went wide. She has heard the rumor of his destructive powers. But never in her life had she seen him even now.

Natsu jumps forward and attack Tristan. “Kill! Kill! Kill!” said Natsu. Tristan moved back, left and right to avoid his claws. Then, he grabs his arm and uses his other hand to punch him in the gut. But, he felt a sting feeling in his arm. He moved his hand back and saw it burning. “Hell Bringer!!”</I> Tristan whipped a fiery tornado and Natsu was trapped in the vortex.

“Erza, What should we do?” said Gray. She quickly snaps out of her state. She turns to them. “Get the civilians free. I’ll take care of this.” she said.
They did as they ‘re told and headed up the stairs.  She lunges for Tristan, but she was stopped by crystal barrier. “Sorry, but I won’t tolerate interference.” He said to her. He continues to look on at the fiery vortex that Natsu was trapped in.

“Excellent. Not I’ve one of the emblems, but I ‘ve the Slayer of Death in my possession. Hayden will be pleased.” He thought. Then, suddenly a blast of light shined in the whirlwind. Natsu busted out of it with his wings. All the while, he absorbs all the flames from the vortex.

“I-Impossible.” He said. Erza couldn’t believe it. “Fire Dragon…Roar!!”</I> he spews out fire at Tristan and hit him point blank.  Erza was amazed by the power he has. “Fuck…I guess I went over kill.” said Natsu. He turn his attention to Scarlet. “Oh well, I guess I could’ve some time to spare to fight her.” His claws grew longer and stronger.

He then felt Tristan scent still there. He turns around and saw him got up from the attack. “Impressive. So the legends are  true. Slayer of Death, come with me. My master wishes to work with you. Together we can overthrow the council and city and turn it into complete chaos.” He said to him.

“Your master? What the hell are you talking about?”  he yells. “Don’t worry in due time you’ll know. Think about your decision, Slayer of Death.”  Tristan left the scene as he disappears with his magic. The barrier was broken and Erza was freed. “Damn. I’m out of here.” said Natsu.  “Wait!!” said Erza. But it was too late.  He was already gone.  Gray and Gajeel came down and told her that they defeat the demons and freed the people.

However, Erza was looking up at the broken glass ceiling.

“The Slayer of Death, Natsu Dragneel.”  She thought.

Back at the house, Lucy was in her room resting. Alek told her that he would come back and check on her. She could still remember the man’s face and the way he fought. “It’s strange. “she said. “Why do I feel so draw to him.” She wanted to know more about his secrets. She grabs the book from her nightstand and read his journal.

Natsu was looking on at Lucy in fiery ball on a rooftop. “Mmm. So she wants to know about me.” he gave a smirk. “Well then, You ask and you shall receive.” He made his flames grew as he saw every inch of her body. He lick his bottom lip with his tongue. He could think of all things that he want to do with her. “You’ll learn about me soon enough, blondie.” He said.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap.6
Hello, mina!! I hope you guts are enjoying the story so far. So please enjoy it and don't forget to leave a comment. :iconnatsugrin-plz: :iconnalukissplz:

Discalmier: I don't own Fairy Tail or it's characters. They belonged to Hiro Mashima :iconhiromashimaplz:

I just own the OC's in this story.

Chapter 7: Coming Soon!!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Chapter 4</I>

Natsu was inside an apartment trying to hide from any more demons or demons hunters. He steps inside the living room and came across a young female sleeping on the couch. He moved forward while making his claws sharper than ever. He kneels down at her, seeing every inch of her body.  He raises his hands, just waiting for her to make a move.

 Suddenly, he could hear her soft groans and he smells a beautiful scent from her. “What’s this scent?” he wondered. He sniffs again. He could tell it was a mixture of various fruits.

But, it was something more than that. The scent was intoxicating. He moved closer to her and clench softy at her hair trying to not to waken her. He moved his hands closer to her breasts.  He touches very it so smoothly.  He could hear a soft gasp from her.  He went down to her legs and felt those as well.  He licks his lips with his tongue.

He suddenly felt something in his body. The demon was coming again. “No! No No!” he yelled. He went to the bathroom and he felt himself changing. His eyes were deep red and tattoo crawled on his face again. “I want her.” It said. “I want her.” Natsu quickly enter his mind.  “No! I won’t let you touch an innocent civilian.” he said to it demon.  “I want her!!” he charged at him. He dodges and gave a punch to the side of the head.

He woke from his mind and look in the mirror to see that the demon is no longer in control. He opens the door. The woman was still asleep. He thought it was best to leave now before he does something unforgiveable. He grabs his stuff and takes his leave. But not before he steals some undergarments from her drawer.

At the midnight there was a meeting the Magic Council. Head chairman Oscar Achill was present. As well as other senates. “I’ll now call this meeting into order.” he said. Everyone started to quiet down.  “Now, I know what I call all of you of this importance. It about the escaped monster that destroyed the museum.”  He states. “Officials are investigating on how he got free. We’re sending some mages to apprehend this man.”  There was now tension in the room.

“Are you deaf? Why are sending mages and warriors to capture him?” said Selene. Selene is the eastern governor of the city of Fiore. “Send our top prized warriors and mages from our ranks. They are more than capable of handing him.”  Everyone was starting to agree with her. But Louis Casern, of the southern governor, had different point of view. “But, did you forget the wake of destruction that this man causes with his demonic powers.”  He said to her.

“Sending our men to him will be a dance with the devil himself. Do you want to risk more fatalities?”  He was anger by her choice. “I would rather have that than having him harming my citizens.” Selene retaliates. “That’s why we’ve our own guilds to handle this situation. Besides, it not him we’ve to worry about.”  Oscar turns to the man who was sitting right next to him. Jellal Fernandez. The State Representative of Magnolia.

“And what is this it that you suggest.” Louis asks. “I suggest that Fairy Tail will handle the man.”  He explains.  Everyone was angered by this. “Are you insane? Those incapable wizards.” Louis face began to boil. “They may have the strongest wizards in the guild. But, the powers are far too great. We can’t let them capture him.”  The chairman rose from his chair. “Enough.” He yelled to both Louis and Selene. “Jellal, are you wizards are capable of handling this man?’ he said to him.  “Absolutely.”  He said. Then, he slightly gave a grin. Oscar calls for the meeting to close.

Selene and Louis were in another room talking among themselves. “I don’t like the idea of having Fairy Tail to take care of this matter.” She said to him while she was pasting up and down. “Regardless of what the chairman had said, I highly doubt that they aren’t to capture him.”  he said with a cunning smile. “What are you planning?” she said. “You’ll see.”  He replies.

Back at Jellal’s house, Erza was in her undergarments and washing her face in the bathroom. She blew out of sigh. It has been long night for her and Jellal hasn’t even return. She walks inside the bedroom and finds her boyfriend lying on the bed. He got up and grabs her and pulls her down to the bed for one passionate kiss. Jellal bits her lower lip to taste of her blood into her mouth. “Miss me?” he said seductively. “A lot.” She replies and a kiss on his cheek.

“So, how was the meeting?” she asks. “Same as usual. I got something to say. And somebody get piss off about it.” He said let take off his clothes. “Well, it’s not easy being a representative. Just like it’s not being a wizards.”  Erza frowned. “What’s the matter?” he said. “Well, I was hoping you someday come back to the guild to help us out.”  Jellal touches her face. “Even if I want to help you, my priorities are here. And besides, you got Mira, Laxus, Alek, and many others so are strong and a ready to help out in any way can.”

“Oh…Okay.” Erza sounded disappointed with his response to her. “Don’t worry, you and the other have a big job to do thanks to me.” he said with a smile. “Really? What is it then?” she asks. Jellal comes behind her and nape her all the while feeling her breaths. “Later. But right now, I want to get physical with you.” He whispers in her ear. He slowly takes off her undergarment as she was now naked. “Now, that’s what I love to see.”  He took off his trunks and pounce on her.

She groaned as he plays her breasts and sucks on her nipples. He slides down to where she was already wet. “Now, I’m getting turn on.” He plays down there feeling her skin and hearing her soft gasps and moans. It just made him hard on. Without wasting any time, he slowly made his way inside of her. “F-Fuck, you’re tight and hot.” he said while groan himself.

He slows himself down to see if Erza was okay. She nods saying that it was okay to move.  He pulled back and then slams into her. She screams. But, it was scream of pleasure. He moved in and out as hard and fast as he could. She could feel him hitting her sweet spot.  Her eyes was blurry, but she did she care? The sound of orgasm and smell of sex filled the room. Jellal released his load inside as Erza arched her back.  He panted and look and her as she was blushing as her hair color.
 He kisses her softly and laid down no her.

The next morning, Lucy woke up from the couch. She rubs her eyes as she sat up. “I had the strangest dream.” She said to herself. “I felt someone or something rubbing my body. It touched my hair, my legs and my breasts.”  Her face was flushing as she remembers it. She shook it and decided to head out for a walk. She was heading to the guild until the results came out. And who knows maybe she might meet Alek.

She started to change when she saw something’s on the floor. It wasn’t hers. So, she picks them up. “What’s this?” she questioned. “A scarf and a journal?” Then, she remembers the dream from last night. She threw the book on her bed and move back on the wall. “That was no dream. Somebody was inside my house.”

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap.4
Hello, you guys. I'm here to bring you a another chapter of my story. Warning: This story contain scene that might too much for you. So, hit the back button if you need to. Otherwise, enjoy the chapter!Lucy - sexy eyes :iconnatsugrin-plz:

Discalmier: I don't own Fairy Tail or its' character content. Just own the OC's.

Chapter 5: Coming Soon!!


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