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Chapter 9</I>

Lucy stood there in fear and disbelief that the man who saved her was sitting in her chair ever so casually. “I’m Natsu Dragneel. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lucy.” He said with grin on his face.

She couldn’t move her body. She could feel the immense power coming from him. This was someone not to be messed with.  “Why are you here?” she said. “How did you get in my house?”  Natsu crosses his left leg over his right knee.  “Simple. I came out of Leyno.” He said.

“Leyno?’ she questions. He gave a nod in response.

“Leyno is gateway between the demon world and the human world. Normal people can’t see them, but if you’re someone like me, you can see the gateway in the sky.” He explains.

“Many demons have escape from their own world by going into Leyno and coming here to dine on the weak.” He stands up and glares at her with his onyx eyes. “I’ve been observing you for a sometime now. I was wondering how you can see the demons and me fighting them.” Natsu takes a step forward.

Lucy flinched. “Well…I… don’t know. I really don’t know.”  She couldn’t explain it herself. She surely wasn’t a demon herself. “You don’t know…” Natsu was close to her face and body. He places his left hand against the wall. “Or are you afraid to tell me.”

His eyes weren’t a man of killing demons, but they were something else. Something very seductive. He looks at her body; he reaches for a strand of her hair and smells it. Lucy didn’t move.  “Damn it. If she wasn’t with that man. I would take to her bed, strip her naked and claim her as my own.” He thought. He could smell the fragrance coming off of her.

That one sniff of her could stir up his demon self. However, he was going to make sure that didn’t happen tonight. He moves hand away from and away from her. “I just came for my scarf. That’s all.” He said.

“He didn’t come back for journal?” Lucy thought as she finally moved.  She could still her heart still beating. “Why did you save me?” she asks. “I’m not sure, but I felt like you need help.” Natsu said quietly.

“Thank you.” She said politely. “I’ll get your scarf.” She turns to her bedroom and grabs it the nightstand. But not before Natsu’s hands touches her and wraps around her waist. She could feel and hear his heartbeat as well. “If you want to talk, I’ll swing by tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you’re alone by then.” He whispers in her ear.

He slowly grabs his scarf and puts around his neck and turns his head to her. “I’ll see you around…Lucy.” He smiles and disappears from sight.

Lucy felt her heart was almost going to explode from her chest. She felt some kind of spark when he touches her hand. She clutches at her chest. “What’s happening?” she said. Then, she remembered that she needs to get ready for that date with Alek.

Back in the storage room, Laxus was putting on her clothes after making love to Mira. She was sitting on the floor covering herself up with a long cloth. “I’m sorry.” She said. “I didn’t know that I was…”

Laxus stops her. “It’s okay. Besides, I’ve kind of wanting this too.”

“Kind of?” she questions him.

“Well I’ve been thinking about you for the past couple of weeks.  I‘ve been need to talk with you about something, but never got the chance to tell you or even ask of you.” he explained.

Mira was taken aback by this. “So, he was afraid of telling his feeling for me. Even though, his master’s grandson.” she thought. She giggles.  “I think that’s really sweet. Telling your feelings about me. Even though, you’re ashamed to admit it.”  She said to him.

A blush crept around his face. “S-shut up.” He yells and turns around. “I just want to have a relationship with you.” He said. “Just promise me you won’t tell anyone about this.” Mira chuckled and stands up while still covering herself up.

 She walks towards him. “Don’t worry, you’ve my word.  Suddenly, he felt really happy about that. The two of them kiss lightly.

They both heard something coming down there. They broke apart the kiss. “Is there something wrong?” she asks. “Someone is down here.” he said.

Norwind and Kikuyu were on the lower level of the guild and were investigating of any secrets that the guild has so they send it to the council. So far there was nothing.  Then, Norwind came across a door. “Hey Ichi, come look at this.” He said.  They saw a big door on the right hand side and they both opened it. Inside, there was a bright shining light.

“What’s that?! I can’t see anything.” said Norwind as he covers his eyes from the light. Kikuyu looks at this spectacle. “This is really powerful magic.” He thought.  He draws a little magic square in the air and with a snap of his fingers; he was able to see what was behind that light and snaps it with his phone. “Close the door!!!” he yelled at his partner.

He did as he was told and both close the door. They quickly ran upstairs and were panting. “Are you okay?” said Norwind. Kikuyu looks down at the stairways to see if no one was around. No one was there. “Yeah. But now, I think we’ve just what we need to bring Fairy Tail down on its needs. Now all we need is to contact HQ.” Kikuyu explains. They went upstairs to the main floor to contact Selene and Louis
Unware to them, Laxus and Mirajane saw the whole thing. “Well what should we do now?”  she said. “Should we contact the master about this?” Laxus glared at the two the spies in their guild.

Lucy and Alek were down at the harbor at a local restaurant. Lucy wasn’t feeling comfortable was she thought she would. She was so close to being kissed by two men.

“Lucy, is there something wrong?” Alek asks. “Oh there nothing wrong.” She reacted with a fake laugh. Although, he was worried by her.  “You know, Lucy.  I’ve feeling something is going to happen to our guild. And not just the guild, our lives, our world. Something big is about to happen.” He said.

“There’s also some strange going on with those two mages. I don’t like what they are doing here.” Alek felt very weary that mages and warriors in guild can get into the guild with acknowledging the three rules. If anyone broke them, it would automatically get you kick out of the guild.

Fairy Tail has it secrets. Any guild has it secrets, and people will use it to get an advantage for themselves. And that pisses him off.

Lucy reaches for his hand. “Don’t worry; I’m sure that the master will figure something out about them.” she said calmly.  He smiles at her. “You know you’re the first girl who has taken interest in me.  he said.

“Some girls see me as the guy with popular and powerful magic. But, you are something different.”

She chuckles. “Well, my mother has always said to get know a person. You must learn about their history.” She explains.

“Is that so?” he grins as he picks up his glass of wine.  “I purpose a toast. A toast to our new partnership.” Lucy raises her glass as well. “Cheers.”  They tink their glass and Alek gave a sip of his drink. “Thank you so much, Lucy.”

They were outside of the restaurant and Lucy was going to head home.  Lucy looks up to the sky and saw something in the sky. It was Natsu and he was battling demons. She was not as startled as she first saw them. Natsu grabs the demons head and pound it into the ground. He saw the silky black dress she had on. It made him throb and flinched. Then, he looks down and his thing sprang up again. “Son of a…” he cursed.
Another demon aims for him. But, he grabs it faces and head butts it with the other one.  
Alek turns to Lucy. “Are you feeling okay?” he asks. She turns her head. “It’s nothing lets head back.” She grabs his hand and left with him as Natsu finishes up his battle.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap 9
Hello everyone. I'm back with another story update. So, I hope you enjoy!!! :iconnaluplz:Natsu - blushing 

Discalmier: I don't own Fairy Tail or the content of its characters. They all belong to Hiro Mashima. I just own the OC's.

Chapter 10: Coming Soon!!!

:iconnalukissplz:Natsu - sexy eyes Lucy - sexy eyes 
Chapter 8</I>

Lucy was waking up from her sleep. She was still a little shake from the dream she had. But, it will go away bit once steps outside. Plus, she’s going out with Alek. She gets out of bed and hears someone showering. She takes a peek in her bathroom and sees Alek completely naked. He was cleaning himself. She sees the drips of water flowing down his body.  Even his wet hair gave off a sexy vibe.

Lucy notices something as he turns around to clean his back. A tattoo of a dragon. “It looks unique.” She said.  Just then, he turns around and Lucy quickly turns away and had a blush on her face. “Oh no, I think he saw me.” she felt embarrassed. Alek look to see who it was, but there was no one there but Lucy.

Then, he finally realized what she was doing. He gave a smirk.  “So, that is what she want.” He thought.  He continued to wash his hair.

Back at the guild, Markov were discussing the situation to Gray, Laxus, and Mira about the Salamander. “So, he has return has he?” said Laxus. “We saw what happened. And from the looks of things, I think he wants destruction.” said Gray. He could remember the wings and those eyes. He was truly frightening.

“The council stated they’re sending their own mages to find him and bring him in. But, I think it a matter of time before...” Mira gave a worried look. But, the master nods in response. “Very well. We’ll send our own mages and fighters to find him. Jellal also told us that they are searching for the man that broke into the Ministry & Welfare. So, be on the lookout.  They all nod in response and Markov call the meeting to a close.

At the bar upstairs, Mira were cleaning the glasses. She felt a little depressed because she didn’t get the chance to ask Laxus out.  For while, she had a little crush on him.  But everytime he comes up here, he brings a girl with him. And her chances go up in smoke.  However, today was different. She saw Laxus come up stairs.

“Hello there.” He said to her. “Hi” she replies. He came down at the bar.  “So, things are little rough for us, don’t you think?’ she said. “You’re not kidding.” He replies. “By the way, you got anything planned for tonight?” she said.

Laxus said nothing. She looks at him.  But, she already knew the answer. He had another woman waiting. There’s no way she can win his heart. “Mira, I…” Mirajane interrupts him. “I’m sorry. I ‘ve to be somewhere.” She quickly cleans the last glass and heads out. “See you.”

 Before she even reach the stairs, Laxus quickly got up and grabs her arm.
“Mira, wait! Whatever I said to you. I’m sorry.”  He stated. She couldn’t take it.  The rejection and the embarrassment.  “Let me go, please.” She said. Laxus could feel her body trembling.  She was feeling scared.  “Please let me go!” she pushes him and she almost fell on the stairs. Laxus with quick reflexes pulls her away from the stairs and into his arms.

He sees the tears flowing from his eyes. He frowns. He didn’t want to see those tears from her. She’s a woman.  He reaches for her face and touches ever so gently. “Why those eyes do make me want to hold on to her ever so tightly?” he thought.  He moved his face even closer than before to her.

And with one movement, They kiss so sweetly.  It felt like an eternity, but he didn’t care. He wanted to stay like this forever.  They broke the kiss and they both felt a spark inside their hearts. And with one swoop, Laxus carried Mira bridal style and carried her into the storage room.  He grabs the keys and make sure he locks it so that no one will disturb them.

He took all of his clothing. Mira did the same and the love making began.

Outside of town, Alek and Lucy were walking around town and having a good time. “Man, this feels good to be out here. When was the last time I was on break.”  said Alek as he was stretching his arms.  “Wow. You seem pretty excited about that.” Said Lucy. “Of course.”  Alek had a charming look on his face that would make any girl scream.  They went to the ice cream store and he order ice cream for Lucy.

They stop by at the park.  “So, I hope you enjoy the guild.  And I promise I’ll be more respectful to you.” He said to her. “That’s good to hear.” She said as she licks her ice cream.  “By the way, have you seen anything strange lately?” he asks. “What do you mean?”
“I mean I hear somebody  coming into the bathroom while I was taking a shower.”  He gave a sly grin. Lucy instantly flinches. “He found me out that quickly?!” she thought.

“Well I guess it was the  wind.” She lied.  “Is that right?”  He then moves over to her ice cream and then licks it. “I thought it was something different.” Alek glared at her while still licking her ice cream.  Lucy started to feel scared. “Am I right?” he whispers in his ear.

Lucy felt her heart throbbing. He was getting too close  to her. “Tell me do  you want me so badly?” he lean in closer about to kiss her.  “I’m sorry. It was me ,okay. But, it was accident I didn’t know that you were there.”  She then accidently drops her ice cream on the floor. He smiled and places his hand on her. “Good girl. I think you deserve something good tonight.” he said.

“A nice dinner date with me would do the trick.” Alek stands up from the bench. “Then, I think we’ll go somewhere.” He smiled and went back to the guild. Lucy was sitting here feeling unsure of what has happen. She calmly  took deep breaths and  heads backs home.
When she reached, she closes and locks the door. She sighs as relief that she was home. “Well, look like the blonde made okay  after her little date.” She flinches in fear. She turns around and was shocked to the man who saved inside her place and sitting  on couch so laid back.

“The name’s Natsu. Natsu Dragneel. It’s a pleasure to meet you like this…Lucy.” He said  with grin on his face.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap.8
Hello everyone here with an Update chapter of  "Taming the Demon Within" So, I hope you enjoy it. happy mew blushed :iconnalukissplz:

Disclamier: I don't know any of the characters of Fairy Tail. All belongs to Hiro Mashina. I just own the OC's.

Chapter 9: Coming Soon!!


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