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Chapter 1

Juvia’s POV

It’s complicated for me when I work in my office. It’s because I got people glancing at me. It could be other two ways: One they look at me because I was weird or they could be look at my body and my assets. No pun intended. I mean I do always keep this body in shape. But, I always hate creepy perverts.

However, there’s one man who was not any of them. In fact, he’s quite scary than creepy. His name is Gray Fullbuster.  He always gave everyone a cold stare as if they said something bad to him.  But, for some reason, he kept looking at me.  Like today when I was in the break room getting coffee. He kept glaring at me like he was about to bite my head off.

I didn’t know what was his problem was. But Lucy, one of my friends, told me that he was having hard problems with his soon to be wife Audrey. She seems like a fair and kind person. But, Lucy and my other friends, she can be a little bitch and she seems to have power over Gray.

Well, she is a wealthy woman. She does have that power over men. A lot of my friends think that Gray deserves a woman who is kind to him and not as stuck up like her. Many of them think that I should snatch him away from her.

But, I don’t want to get involved in drama like these. It would cost me my job.

I put away my stuff in my bag since my day was done. I got up and lock up when I saw Gray on the phone and he seems pretty upset. Probably with Audrey. I turn away and head to the elevator.  As I press the button, I slide my way inside the elevator. I sighed at myself waiting for the door to close.

Then, footsteps grew more loudly as Gray caught the two doors and enter inside. He hits the first floor and the doors close and the elevator went down.   I stood straight ahead to avoid any contact with him.  Gray glances at me.

“Hey, are you okay? You seemed pretty stressed out today.” He said.

I blinked and look at him. I never seem or hear Gray being nice to anyone.

“Um... I’m fine. It’s true that I’m stress. But, I’ll be fine. Just working up the ladder as worker.”  I said to him. He smiled at me. “Keep that good attitude, Juvia.” He said. He turns his head away from.  I stare at his eyes. From the look of it he seems unhappy about something.

The elevator dings on the first floor. We got out and said to me. “Have a good night, Juvia. I’ll see you tomorrow.”  He walks out of the building to his car.  I got left as well. But, I felt something in my heart. Like I’s saying that I need to speak with him some more.  There surely more than Gray than meets the eye.

I arrived back at my apartment and open the front door.  My place isn’t that spacious but it’s at least something that I can afford. I lock my door and left my keys on the counter.  I took off my shoes and head to my bedroom.  I went to my I pod and played some Kenny G. I love music. Classic to Latin to Rock.  But, this music was my favorite. It was so soothing and relaxing.

I quickly change out of work clothes into my home clothes.  Then, I could hear the sweet of music by Kenny G as I came out of the bathroom.  I saw my phone vibrating. I pick it up and it was a text message from Moron. And he called me about seven times today. I was getting annoyed by this. Moron and I used to date together. And, it turns out the way that I wanted.

But, Moron kept on texting me and leaving me message every chance he gets.  It got to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore.  So, I never respond to his calls or texts.
I guess it’s my fault for falling in love with the wrong guy. That being I walk to my bed and let my eyes drift away and the music echoed in my mind.

Gray’s POV</I>

I was inside my home. My home. I couldn’t believe all of this.  I didn’t understand why I was even doing it.  I walked back and forth mediating on this whole getting married situation.

It started out to 2 years ago when I met Audrey Marie. She was a very intellectual person.  We had a nice and sweet relationship. But one month later, she was acting weir. She acted all bossy on me and being a bitch to my friends. I was utterly humiliated by this. Some of them won’t even talk to me now.

God, it pisses me off to point that I want to end our relationship. And what got me even angrier is that she had to brag it to her friends so that they can envious. Well, that’s a rich girl for ya.

However, things got a little complicated when she pointed me out by saying this.
“You and I will get married in a couple of months.” She said.
“Hell no!! I’m won’t marry you!!” I spat out told her.

“You’ll marry me or I’ll tell the media about your past scandals with other woman.” She said. She had all the girls’ numbers that I met.

“You’re insane.”

“Be as it may.  I’m a wealthy woman from a wealthy family. I’m not scared to use my power against you.”

I gritted my teeth.  This woman is already the death to me. And one little problem that I couldn’t get away from.  So, I accepted her offer.  And I had to nice and loving to her. This isn’t love this is a nightmare.

I decided to strip out of my clothes down to my boxers. Then, my phone started to vibrate. I grab it and speak of the devil. It was Audrey. She was texting me.  Bitch. I wasn’t in the mood to hear her mouth. So, I deleted all of her text and shut off my phone.
I lay down on my bed thinking about a person that talked to earlier on today. Juvia Lockhart.  An interesting person indeed.  I hope that I would get the chance to speak with her again.
Breaking a Cold Heart (Gruvia Stroy) Chap.1
Hey, I know having done alot of Nalu Stories. So, I decided to do a Gruiva Story. i do really enjoy this couple a lot too.

So, my readers enjoy this story. And leave a comment below about it. :icongrayfullbusterplz:Gray-y-juvia-icon Gray - Ending 17 Gray - Ending 17 

Disclamier; I don't own Fairy Tail or its chacacters. They all belong to Hiro Mashima. :iconhiromashimaplz:

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Chapter 20</I>

A roar breaks through the silent air. Many bystanders from the prison watch in shock as they saw the serpent beast in the air.  Gajeel and Elfman were in disbelief on how big it was. Even police officers and minor prisoners were very petrified to death.

“What the fuck is that thing?” said Elfman.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to wait around and find out.” Said Gajeel. Then, the ground started to again. The foundation of the prison was beginning to collapse, people were put the prisoners into car and driving out of the place as quickly as they can.

Gajeel saw a car that was empty and went inside and pray hope that the key were ignition.
“Wait, what about Natsu and Gray?”  He shouted.

“Do you think we can go up against that?! And besides, I’m sure they got Lucy and left by now.”  To be honest, Gajeel was worried about them as well. He wasn’t to have a soft spot for people. But, something has got to give. Elfman jumps inside with him and they drove out of the prison and back to the city.

Outside of the council, Jellal and the others were outside as well and surveying damage. They were lucky that Jellal sense what was going on and got them all out of there before the building exploded.  Louis was utter disbelief by the level of destruction. Lava was sweeping out of different levels of the building.

“So, what now?” said Laxus. “Should we head back to the guild?”  Jellal nods in response protecting the people are important. “But need to deal with the situation with the port.” Said Jellal.

“I’ll deal with the water in the port. In fact, I’ve an idea of what to do with it.” said Louis.  He looks at his soldiers. “You two, I want you to stay with them.”

Ichi was baffled. “Wait, are you serious, sir?!  We’re helping you out with this.”

“I don’t to fear your fucking complaints. You’ll do as I say that is an order!!” Louis retaliates.

Ichi jerk back at his boss’s reaction. He turns away from them and turns to Jellal. “I’ll teleport you guys there.”  He said. And just like that, they were gone council building that was now in ruins.

The demon serpent made a battle cry and starts to fly towards the skies.
In Magnolia, Markov was on top of the guild’s roof. He could hear roar of the east many miles away. He looks down and sees many officers in the city and warrior and mages from his guild evacuating the citizens out. They were all in worried and in terror of what is happening. Markov knew this was battle is going to a difficult one. And he also knows that lives will be lost in this.

He contacts Warren by telecommunication. “Warren, how it’s coming with the evacuation?”
“A lot faster now we’ve got more people helping. But, we still got a lot of people.” He states. “And there are still some people that are still fixing the port.”

The situation was getting bad. If they don’t hurry, this brute will burn Magnolia to ashes.  “Please hurry.” Markov breaks communication and senses someone here. He turns around and sees Dunate and Alicia.  He was surprise to see him or to see him injured.
Dunate was breathing in and out as blood was coming out.

“Councilman. ” He said.

“Please, Markov. I need your help.” He states.  He called on a few of warriors to help Alicia to take him to the infirmary.

Natsu had his eyes completely shut. All he heard was a roar and saw a bright light.  He didn’t want to expect after that. Or assumed that Lucy and the others were gone from that blast and he was the lone survivor. He couldn’t bear what would have happen to her after seeing her body like that.  He opens his eyes and saw his own hands.
He was alive  and so was the rest of them. He sees a black barrier protecting all of them. His eyes look and didn’t betray him. Alek was the one that created the barrier that they were in.

Natsu was impressed by his abilities. “ Are you okay?” he asks Alek.

“Yeah. I’m fine. About you guys?

“We’re fine.” Gray responded.

Alek takes down the barrier and they were all outside. He looks down and saw a big hole in the ground. He looks around and Tristan and Hayden were nowhere to be seen. Could they’ve be eaten by the monster.

“Guys, the gates.” Said Erza.  Everyone looked and the Gates of Hell was gone.
“This is bad. That thing is on the loose now.” Said Natsu.

“We need to get back to the guild. Lucy needs some medical treatment.” Said Mira as she was holding on to her. Natsu looks at Lucy then looks at Erza. “All right. We’ll back and fast.”
In the office, Markov was with Alicia. He was brought up to speed by her. He didn’t look the least of shock. “ I see. So, that was his plans.”  He said.
“To be honest, I was surprised myself.” Said Alicia. “But, you can count on me to join in this fight.”

Markov was glad in his hear the more the better. Cana came rushing into the hallway and burst through the door.

“Excuse me.” she said.

“Cana, what’s it?” he asks.

“It’s Erza ,Jellal and the others. They all made out safely with Lucy. But, she’s…”  Cana had a look of horror on her face.

Markov was shaking on what has happen to her.  He got his chair and heads to infirmary to see what has happened.

Lucy was in the infirmary, resting on her wounds. Wendy was able to cure most of them. Natsu, Erza, and Markov was there as well.  Wendy excuse herself out of the room.

“Look like she did quite with the scars.” Said Erza. “Yes, but the needs to rest. She must be a shock right now.” Said the master.

He was so sadden to her in this state. He couldn’t even image what was going in the mind of Natsu right now.

“Erza,  let’s leave these two to talk.” He stated. Erza followed the order and they left the room and headed downstairs.

Natsu walks up to her bed stand. Her eyes, or rather, her face was sad. It kill him on the inside to her like this.

She slowly opens her eyes and looks at him. “Don’t feel bad.” She said. “It hurts. But, I’ll manage.” She was holding on to his scarf. “You’re heading out to battle right.”

“Of course. That’s thing is there. And we need to send it back to Hell.” He bent on to meet her level and caress her face and hair. “Once that was all said and done. How about we send some time on town.”

She chuckles. “Are you asking me out on date?”

“What do you think…Lucy.” They stared at each other eyes.  Both of them knew what they want. Natsu leans into her and their lips touch each other into a blissful kiss.

Lucy tugs on his vest as she felt that the warm embrace. She definitely sure that he was feeling it as well. As they broke the kiss, Natsu had a blush on his face.

“I’ll be back. I promise.” He gets up and said goodbye to her. Lucy squeezes the scarf and prays for his and everyone’s safety.

Natsu was down at the guildhall where some of the mages and warriors were gathered. He turns to see Jellal, Laxus, and Gajeel and Elfman. But that wasn’t the only thing that he saw. Ichi and Norwind were as well. Anger started to boil inside of him again. He marched toward. He was back by Jellal himself.

“Do you really think that is a good idea.” He said to him. “Staring a fight here while Magnolia is moment away from being crumbled.”

Natsu pushes away from him. “These guys are working for the council. They tried to bring you guys down.”

“I understand how you feel and will deal with the matter another time. But right now, this battle is what’s most important.”  And he wasn’t playing around with that.

Markov came on top of the second floor and spoke a speech with them. “Young mages and warriors of Fairy Tail. Today, we’re here to fight something that’s valuable to us. Our people, homes, lives. Today, we’re standing in the Gates of Hell as  demon is approaching us waiting to strike us down. We’ll always come back up stronger than ever.”

He continued. “My children.. believe in your powers and your strength. Let’s bring victory in the Fairy Tail name!!”

They all roared in excitement and move forward to the heart of the battles.  Demons were approaching the west end of the city.  And so was the serpent. Natsu was out on the front lines charging at them as well as Gray, Erza, Laxus and Alek.

“I don’t care how many of them there are … Come at me!!!” Natsu shouted.

To be continued…</I>
Taming the Demon Within (Nalu Story) Chap.20
Here's anothe chapter of this story. Enjoy!! R&R!! :iconfairytaillucyplz: :iconnatsusmileplz:

Disclamier: I don't own Fairy Taill or its characters.All the rights belong to Hiro Mashima :iconhiromashimaplz:

Chapter 21:Coming Soon!!!


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