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The Dream</I>

I was running away inside a forest. I was trying to get away from him. I didn’t stop for even a second, not knowing what he would do to me. “How could this happen?”</i> I thought. “Why are they after me?  Am I so special to them?”</i> I saw something up ahead an abandoned cabin. Without even thinking, I went inside the cabin. Inside was cold, damp, and a bit dirty. However, it was the only place for me to hide for the time being. I sat on the ground trying to rethink what happen tonight. The Guardians, The Akumas (Demons), a necklace, a prophecy. It just didn’t make any sense to me. “Why?</i>” I thought.

I decided to call my mother, but I didn’t receive a signal.  “Damn it.” I said hanging up the phone. “I wonder if my dad is all right.” Then suddenly a big blast broke the door in half. It was him. The demon that was sent to hunt down and capture me is now in my friend’s body.  I was shaken. I didn’t know what to do at that point .My body began to tremble at the site of him. . “Found yoooou!!!!” the demon said in a sinister voice. He summoned a blade from his hand.

My mind was saying to get the hell out of there. I look at the window. Hoping to make an escape. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Just give up. There’s no way you can win. Surrender yourself to him; otherwise, you’re dead.”  He said to me. I didn’t listen. I ran for it, but he was faster, he pinned me down to my hands and knees so I couldn’t move.  Still having the blade in hand, he held it up to my heart.  I couldn’t help but to cry. This isn’t what I wanted. All I wanted was for a normal life.  “Why?” I said. My friend had an evil smirk on his face “Have a nice ride to heaven… Cassandra.” He said as he delivered the blow to me.

However, it was all a dream. I woke up with sweat beaming down my face, and my heart was racing. This was fourth time I has this dream for three weeks. My clock said 5: 00 a.m.  I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I e sighed and grabbed my journal from my nightstand began writing about myself:

My name is Cassandra Kenya Smith. I’m 16 years old. My favorite color is orange. I love writing, hanging out with my friends and my family, cooking, and I’m surprisingly good of watching over kids especially little ones. My dream is to become a doctor and help those in need. Speaking of dreams, I‘ve been having them since I was kid. Some are good, some are bad, and some even involved death.  Which is very scary and if were to make a list on the top five things I hate, death would be number one.

Sometimes, my dreams become reality as well. Lately, I have been having the same dream of me being dead. What could it mean?  I want to tell someone about this, but I don’t want to scare anyone.  So, I’ll figure it out myself.  Putting that aside, I want to have a boyfriend, but I don’t need one….. At least not yet I won’t. But in due time, my prince will soon come and sweep me off my feet; However, that not the case for my friend, Janet. She keeps setting me up on blind dates that, always, go bad. Like I told her, my mate is going to come for me soon. I just don’t know when.

After I finished writing, I look at my clock. . This time it was 7: 30 a.m. “Crap. I ‘m going to late.” I could finish writing her journal later when I comes home from school. I quickly got out of my bed, grab my towel, and headed for the bathroom to take a shower.

After I finished and head down stairs foe breakfast. My father, Dane came behind me. “Good morning, my angel.” he said and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “So, how is the restaurant? ‘ I ask. “Everything is good as usual as always.” He said to me.
Well, I should better be going. Don’t want to late.” I gave my father a kiss on the cheek as I headed for school.

Meanwhile at the school, three students approached the school. Two males and female. “So, this is school?” he said. “Perhaps, we might find what we’re looking for.”

To be continued…</I>
Guardians Chap 1
This is my first time ever writing a fiction novel. " Guardian" talks about a 16 year old girl name Cassandra who has these strange dreams that become reality. She living the normal teenage girl life. But for how long will that last?

I hope you like it. Please don't forget to leave a comment. It would be thankful if someone out there likes my story.

All copyrights of this story belongs to me.

(c) Guardians- :iconntjm505:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
First Mission

Cassandra was inside getting ready to go with the others on a mission. The question is what kind of mission is.  She wore a simple black tank top with blue jeans and white sneakers.  She grabs her stuff and head out of her room and onto the elevator.

Then, she had a quick vision into the future. She sees a battle between two people, a large creature, and the body of a dead person covered in blood. Cassandra came out after that.

“Whoa. This is something I had never seen.” she said. Something was going to happen tonight. Something bad.

She was at the lobby. She did know what do since this was her mission with the others. But, she recall helping out Xavier with Leo. But that was a one-time thing; and because, she wanted to. But, she thought about it, and it could some good experience learning this. She saw a car parked at the front of the hotel. Tara screw down the window to wave at her.  She responded and head down to the car.

“So, you’re coming with us.” said Tara. “Of course.” Cassandra replied. She enters into the backseat of the car. “So, what is our mission?” she asked.

“Our mission is to capture a Hellhound.” said Senji as they drove off.

Casandra wasn’t fazed by this until the recent flashback she just had now. “You meant the one that Tara and I saw.” She responded. Hector nodded. “It turns out that someone is sending out hellhound for some reason.” he said.  Then, Cassandra remembers the guy who was being chased by it.  Was that the guy? And why?

“Tara, you don’t think that the guy we saw…” Tara replied to her. “It’s a possibility.”
“What are you talking about?” said Hector.  “It’s a long story.” Tara replied. A story that needs to be on the back burner for now.

“According to the information I got from the Kono Brothers, Riku has dispatch a group of Guardians to look for the hound. However, they haven’t been heard from in eight hours. So, we decided to spilt up into two groups. Tara and I will go search in the east sector while Senji and Cassandra will head for the west sector. If you see the hound, contact us with the walkie talkies.”

Hector passed the talkies to each of them. They all agreed with the plan. However, Cassandra had the sinking feeling that something bad was going to happen.
They parked the car in a nearby street and went there ways.

Cassandra and Senji were walking across the streets to find anything abnormal activity. So far nothing. “So you guys rarely go on mission together.” She asked. “Sometimes. But, we go on solo mission which requires to have incredible power. Otherwise, you’ll be killed in a matter of minutes.

“I see.” She never thought about that.

They kept searching the area until Senji spotted something. He heads towards it so did Cassandra. They arrived to the area where there was a big battle. Cassandra covered her mouth as she saw five bodies lay down on the ground covered in blood. One of them was gutted out like a fish. The other was cut open in the chest.

Cassandra’s vision was right. At least. half right. Senji went down and look at the cuts.
“There’s no doubt about it. They were from a Hellhound.”  And a possibility that they could be from another demon as well.

Senji called Tara and Hector but, they weren’t answering. All he could hear was screeching from it. “Damn it.”  He puts away the talkie.  Suddenly, he hears a noise coming straight down for them.  Senji quickly moves Cassandra and himself out of the way. Cassandra opens her eyes and saw the bodies eating away. “What was that?” she said. “Acid.” Senji replied.

Laugher filled the air as Senji hears and sees the exact same man that he and hector fought. “Found you, damn Guardian.” he said. “I’m not finished with our battle yet.” He looked at Cassandra. “And you must be the one that injured the hound. Perfect, I can take the two of you out at one.”

He jumps up hit them with bombs. But, they were all deflected by Cassandra’s shield. The enemy lands on his feet.

“In case you’re wondering, I’m name is Sulfur. But, you won’t remember it once I kill you.” he said.

Sulfur shoots more acid bombs at them. Cassandra kept on deflecting them. He was tick off by this. Senji rushes towards him as the shield faded.  He summons his sword and slashes at him. Sulfur quickly counterattack it and summoned his Acid Blade.

Their swords clashes with each other. “What happen to your friend?” Senji asked.
“Ashar can handle your friends. Right now, you should be more focus on yourself.” Sulfur uses his sword to push Senji back. “Why? Why would you go and kill these people?”

Sulfur replied. “I had some help with the hound.” His sword then turns into a liquid whip. Then, he uses it at him. “But why does it matter to you? All of you Guardians are the same. You just pawns living in pathetic world.”

He continued. “it makes me sick that people like you are threat to us.”  He summoned acid from the ground. Senji dodges it. However, he felt a pain in his rib cage. He still hasn’t recovered yet. “Too bad for you won’t be around for much longer.”  As he uses his whip against him, Cassandra stepped in and broke the whip in half with her blade.
We aren’t tools or pawns. I’m sure we aren’t perfect creatures. But, we’ve one thing in common…To protect this world we live in.”

Sulfur had to laugh hard. “Ha ha ah. ha ha ha!!” he lunges is at her. Their blades clashing with each other. “And what you know about the world? You’re useless Guardian.”  Cassandra could feel the acid on her. Then without realizing it, A bomb was over head. She tried to up a shield. But, it was too late. The explosion causes the ground to melt away.
“Cassandra!!” Senji yelled.

Sulfur laughed hysterically. “Now how are you going to protect this world if you’re a pile of ashes?”  He laughed.

As the smoke cleared, he stopped laughing and realized something. He sees a person protecting her. A male. Senji saw it as well.

“She’s not useless. She and her friend were the ones that saved my life.” Nemus came to help Cassandra. She was in shock.

“Nemus.” she said. “Sorry that I’m late. I’m here to help you out.” he said to her.

To be continued…</I>
Guardians Chap. 30
Hello!! It me again. I 'm here to bring another chapter to my series. SO, I hope you enjoy and please don't forget to bring your thoughts after reading it.

Chapter 31: Coming Soon!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Ken and Koriyama

The Corpus was looking on and saw Cassandra and Tara. They wanted to take this opportunity and strike. However, the problem is that the academy has a protect shield invisible to the humans. If a demon gets close to it, they’ll be hit by it. So, they had a plan. They summoned a demonic sniper from their hands. They went on the edge of the building and aim for their target. The dot was aim for Cassandra’s head.

Just they were about to fire, a wrecking ball came flying bounce the sniper away from them. “I thought we might find you here.” Senji and Hector was on top the building.  The Corpus was not pleased to see two Guardians come here and ruining the objective.  Senji summons his blade and starts to attack them. The Corpus sends three blasts to him, but he blocks them he jumps into the air to make a hit. The Corpuses avoid the attack.

“We won’t tolerate any more interference.” said the Corpus. They use their dark blast to attack him. While the other ones a long staff with a sharp blade and attacks Hector. He brings back his blade and, he punches to the ground creating a shield around him. “So, you’re a Rank-B Guardian.” He said. “Your technique isn’t pretty bad yourself.” Hector replied.  “I’m just getting started.” The Corpus attacks him again. Hector keeps dodging them. He uses his lower body and slides down the attack. He then touches his wrecking ball and transform to c-curve blade. Then, he uses to attack the Corpus’s shoulder.

Senji was still fighting his opponent. The Corpus’s arms start to glow green. “Take this. Acid Flow!!” Liquid of acid spew out. Senji tries to block with his sword; however, some of it lands on his arms. He felt the sting acid. “D-Damn.”  He said.  “Are you okay?” said Hector. “Yeah. More or less.” he replied.  They had their back toward each other.  They were in a bind now. Senji looks at Hector. “How about we switch places?” he asks. Hector then smiled and then switches places. Hector fights the man who was using his acid. He throws the acid back at him by spin himself around into a tornado. The acid then hits him. The Corpus’s body started to burn, he was screaming out in pain.

Senji fought the Corpus with the staff. He uses his sword to knock him off guard. However, the demon uses the blast again. This time, Senji uses his sword to bounces it back breaking it and hitting him in the chest. The demon was on the floor. Senji puts his blade right next to his head. “It’s time you explain why are you after our friends?” he said. Then, one of the Corpuses created a bomb out of nowhere. “Shinu. Acid Bomb.”</I> The bomb came down from the sky and hit them before even realizing it.

They manage to get on the ground safely. However, Senji still has some on his upper body from the acid. When the acid cleared, they were gone. Hector still senses their presence. “They’ll be back.” He said. “We’ve to figure out when they will strike next.”  That something they need to figure out quick.

One the west side of Tokyo, Ken and Koriyama were standing on top of the building and waiting.  Kuro said that young Guardians come around here and simply order was to get rid of them. Ken yawned. “Man, this sucks. Why do we get stuck with this crap?”  He doesn’t look to please at all with his assignment. “I was looking for something more fun.” Koriyama didn’t say anything. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “It’s nothing.” Kori replied.  Ken could never understand the ice slayer mind. He’s always like this. I mean they know each other for a couple of years. And you would think he tell something about him.

They heard two young teens come down the road. Ken quickly looks at them. “Well, Well, Looks like it’s our lucky day.” said Ken. Koriyama jumps off the building, not wasting anytime. He lands on his feet and pull out his sword. “Freeze Flash.” With one swing of his blade, the girls were completely frozen into ice. Ken jumps as well and said to him. “Hey wait! You could at least let me talk with before you kill them.” Koriyama again didn’t say anything and walks off.  Ken sighed in frustration. “I really don’t know what is going on in your mind.” Ken quickly places a spell on the girls so that they melt quickly and follows Kori.

The bell rang for dismal. Senji and Hector were talking outside. Senji received medical attention thanks to Maria their nurse. And he was lucky too. He had bandages on arms and abs. “So, what now? You want to contact Riku.” said Hector. But, he knew Senji’s answer. He and Riku don’t seem to get along. “We handle this problem ourselves.” He looks at Casandra getting in the limo. Even though, she power of the Lux warrior. This is still new to her and she has a lot to learn.

Cassandra was in the back seat putting his book bag on the side. “So, how was your first day?” said Kaname as he step inside the driver seat. “Well, I’ve made a friend and enemies. “  she replied. He chuckled. “Looks like it’s hard going for you now. But, this is the first step of your climb. Never forget that.” She didn’t.

They arrived at the hotel. Cassandra got out of the limo and said goodbye to Kaname. She went into the lobby only to find Senji on the couch waiting for her. “How did…?” Senji stood up and explained. “Have the demon factor in me, remember?” he said. “Anyway, I got some rather sad news. Two Guardians were killed today.” Cassandra was bewildered. “What?!” Senji explained again. “Thanks to some intel by the Kono Brothers, they were frozen in sold ice and then were melted by a heat spell. There’s on doubt this is the work of Ken and Koriyama.”

“Who are they?” she asked. “Are they demons?” he shook his head. “They just like us. However, they more like assassins. Ken, he may be a hyped and crazed warrior, but don’t let his appearance fool you. His man possessives great speed and use some great technical magic. While, Koriyama uses his blade and turns people into ice with his sword. He is given the name the Ice Demon.” He continued. “No Guardian has been able to take them out.”
“Well, you learn something every day.” She said. “So, what are going to do about them?”  he looks at her. “We’ll deal with them another time. But right now, we’ve a mission.”

 Cassandra stops him. “A mission?” he nods.  “Andrew is still on demon duty. So, I want you to go on a mission with me and the others.” This was so sudden for Cassandra, but she already been in this kind of situation before. So, I guess she could give a shot. “All right then, I’ll go.” She said. “I’ll see you there tonight.” Senji left the hotel.
“Now the only question is what kind of mission?” she said.

To be continued…</I>
Guardians Chap. 29
Hello. It has been a while since I poster a chapter. forgive me for those that like my story. Well, I hope you enjoy it, don't forget to leave a comment below

Chapter 30: Coming Soon!!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 10</I>

Natsu’s POV</I>

Erza, Jellal, and I rushed into the forest to find Laxus and Mira.  We decided to spilt up hoping to found allies. I went into the east side of the forest. Even though, it was caught on fire, I use my magic to suck up all the flames into my mouth. All the flames went inside my body. I gave a loud burp and excuse myself. However, when I was about to turn around the man with the scythe attacks me.  He knocks me near a tree. “You shouldn’t let your guard down.” the man said to me.

I got up from the blow. “Bastard, you’re going to pay for what you did to them.” I proclaimed. I use my fire to move and gave a punch to the man. But, he blocked it with his elbow. I counteracted by using fiery feet to kick him, sending flying.  I follow it up with couple of blows to the chest and multiple blows to the face. “Fire Dragon…Roar!!!”</I> A vortex of fire spews out of me and into the man.  I stood in a stance knowing that this gut would be down for the count.

But instead, he was inside my flames and then with a swoop of his hand, the flames vanished. His shirt was burned into a crisp and so was his mask. I got a better look at him. His face was no usual, his right eye was sliver while the other was a dark green, and his hair was jet black and was spikey. “So the rumors about you were true?” he said.  “What the hell are you talking about?” I ask.  “Natsu Dragneel. The Salamander.” He raises his hand.

“Show the true nature of your dragon slayer magic.  I want to see you go berserk before I use my magic to make you suffer.”  He proclaims. I charged at him in anger. “What did do you say?”  I yelled at him. “How pitiful. Such a man like you to join a guild like this. My magic will heart tremble in fear." he had confidence that he could bring me down. “Dark Eyes.”</I> His eyes start to glow and a black mist engulfs the area I was in. The man amalgamates into the mist which made my eyes hard to see.

I looked at my surroundings trying to keep my guard up. Then, the mage started to give punches to back of my head, an elbow to the face and a kick to the gut. I was a little shaky. “Damn, I can’t see him within his fog.”  I said. I could his laughter in the loud.  I had to think of an alternative to hit him. I close my eyes and concentrate and use my other sense besides seeing.

I could feeling the mist and wind. I could hear the wind howling and I could his laughter and footsteps coming closer to me. I open my eyes. “I got you!!” I swirl to my right side to hit him. But, his body was nothing but mist. “Impossible.” I thought. “How did he…?” I was blindsided and my attacker hit from behind. And as I turned, he continues to land hit after hit on me without stopping.  Then after, he wrote ancient scripting with his scythe. “Soul Despair!”</I> The markings began to glow and form into a powerful beam of darkness.

It hit me on impact. The blast ruptures the forest and destroyed the trees surrounding it.  I was laid out on the ground unable to move my body. The man walks up to me. “My name is Vash.” he said. “Soul Despair. A magic spell that creates blast the ruptures the users body and send dark matter around the area.” He explained. “I’m surprised that your body is still intact.” He continued. “However, your time here is done.”  Vash places his hand on the area I was hit. “Death Nightmare!”</I> A big black orb trapped me inside. “Once your inside, you cannot escape it. I’ll deliver you back to cell just the general asked.

I was trapped inside that darkness with nowhere to go. Then suddenly, I was wakening up to see Magnolia in completely ruins. Buildings were destroyed, they weren’t anyone around. I walked to see if anyone was around. I went to the guild and everyone I saw was dead. There I was someone body on top on the guild.  My eyes went wide and in dismay. The body I saw was Lucy’s. I was screamed at the top of my lungs.  “NOOOOOOOO!”

Vash was about to call in O when he heard a crack sound. He turns around and realizes that the orb was breaking. A drop of sweat came from his face. No could escape from his nightmare. Then, I broke from his orb. My body was bleeding from head to toe. Scales were on my face, arms and legs.  Wings emerged from my back. And my eyes were dark red. “Ever since was I born, I had this power locked inside of me.” I said to him. I walked to him. “Everyone said I’m a time bomb waiting to explode. However, Fairy Tail looked past all of that. They accepted me for who I am.”

Fire erupted in my arms. “Don’t you see? I’m never going back. Because, this here is my freedom!!”  I yelled and I charged at him.  I hit him in the stomach full force.  Vash bounce back however, I was quicker than him. I kick him in the side of the head. “Savage child. Soul Despair.”  He tried to attack me with that move. But, I was able to step aside that move and use my wings to move behind him. I grab him and sent him flying into the air with me. Then, I use my fire on him and we spiral into the ground.

An explosion shatters the ground. I emerged from the attack unharmed. But, Vash was gone. I looked at the sky and chuckled. Jellal and Erza arrived to me with Laxus and Mira with them. “Natsu!” Erza yelled at me. They were in shock to the state that was in. I turn to them. “Hey, it good to see you guys are okay.” I said to them. Suddenly, my body went out on me and I fall to the ground.  Erza and the others rush to my side.  “Oi Natsu.” said Jellal. “Hang on, Natsu!!” said Mira.

Somewhere far off from the forest, Vash was clutching his wounds. “Damn” he hissed. He was burning and bleeding from that attack. He was luckily to have made out of there otherwise he would’ve been dead. “Tsk. Natsu Dragneel. Just you wait, you’ll be capture again. And this time, there will be no freedom for you.” He turns himself into mist and escape into the nightly darkness.

To be continued…</I>
Freedom to Live (Nalu Story) Chap. 10
Hello mina!! Here's another great chapter for you to enjoy. Please don't forget to leave your comment below. :iconnatsusmileplz:

Disclaimer: I don't own the story Fairy Tail or it's characters. Hiro Mashima owns them.

Chapter 11: Coming Soon!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 9</I>

(Lucy’s POV)</I>

Natsu and I were walking back from the beach. “It was pretty enjoyable, right?” I ask. “Yeah. I guess.” He replied. “You guess? You had a weird look on your face when we were dancing.” I respond. “Oh, be quiet.” He said as he turned away from me. I kind of chuckled a little.  To think that this man could be killer.  I highly think that’s unlikely. “By the way, Natsu? Do you’ve a place to live now?”

He turns to me. “Not sure. I’m staying at Gray’s place, and he doesn’t get out of the hospital until tomorrow.” he answered. “Well then, how you can visit my place?” I told him. “Are you sure? It’s kind of strange to have someone you barely met enter inside your place.” He felt uncomfortable about it. “I don’t consider as stranger after all we’re friends aren’t we?” Natsu didn’t even know what think right now.  But, I follow him to my place anyway.

I open the front door and showed him in. “Wow, it a little small.” He states.  “I know, but at 70,000 jewel a month, it pretty decent.” I went to on the light switch.  Natsu went back at down in the chair.  “Did you ever invite anyone here?” he responded. “Actually, no.’ I replied. I went to fridge and brought two cans of soda to him. “In fact, you’re the first time here.”  I handed him one. “Thank you.”  He opens the soda and drank from it.
“So, what kind of things do you like?” I ask as I sat down. “Well, nothing much expected living and working.” He slightly chuckled. “But, I’ve remember watching the stars in the night sky. My father always believes that they were twinkles that you could touch. We see them at night where there are no lights.” He had on a smile. “Wow, your father must have been something.”  I said. “He was. He taught me everything to speak, write, and even magic.”

He sighed. “I miss him.”  I look at his face and I can already he was depressed. I went over and touch his hand. “You’ll see him again.” I stated. He looks at me.  “Have Faith. That’s when my mother always said.” I started to caress his hand.  “L-Lucy, you wind if I stay here with for tonight?” I back slightly away. “Eh? Are you sure about this?”  I ask. He nods. “I won’t mind. Bedsides, Gray’s place was a little cold.”
Now, I start to get nervous. Having someone staying over, that’s new to me. But, I calm myself. Let me get you the air up bed.” I replied. I went to my closet and grab it. Natsu was going to spend the night here with me.

(Laxus’s POV)</I>

I was beginning to leave the guild when I saw Mira putting the silverware. “Mira.” I said. “Laxus, what’s going on?” she asks. “Would you like to come with me right now?” I responded to her. “To where?” she wonders.

After the guild was close up for the night, Mira and I were walking in the forest. I haven talk to Mira in a long while. I’ve been so with grandfather and the Thunder Tribe. In addition, many of the girls are asking to big festival were having in Magnolia. I didn’t want to tell her this but I’ve crush on her.

“So, what’s it you want to talk about?” she asks me.  I stop and tur around to her. “Mira, I was wondering if you’ve any plans for the festival coming up.”  I look up at the sky to avoid any contact. “Well, I’ve nothing to do on that day, why?”  She looks at me.  “Well, I was hoping that you would like to go out with me.”  She then smiled. “I would love to Laxus.” She said. I was surprised. “Really? You mean it?” I ask. She nods. I became excited.

Then, I sense from coming our way. I push Mira down and use my lightning attack to stop it. “Are you okay, Mira?” I ask. “You push me.” she said. “Sorry. But, we’ve company.” I look up and saw a man carrying black scythe. He was standing on the tree. “You were able to block my attack. Amusing.” he said.  “Who the hell are you.” I said angrily. “I’ve no business of telling you who I am.” He jumps from the tree and attacks us. We quickly move out of the way just to block it. “Take the enemy. And bring the target that is my mission.” He stated.

“Target?” said Mira. What the hell is he talking about? “Mira, go warn the others. I ‘ll take of this guy.” She stands up. “No. I’m going to fight.” She quickly went into Satan Soul Form. “No threatens our comrades and gets away with it.” she stated.  The scythe charges at us and we charged at him. He tries to slices me.  But, I use my flash of lightning, to dodge and attack from behind. “Lightning Dragon Roar!!” I breathe out my roar, making it mark.

He drops the weapon which gave Mira the opportunity to land a blow to the gut. “Evil Explosion!!”</I> Mira blew the blast through his heart. However, he disappears. “He’s gone?!” she was surprised.  Then, he came from behind with his scythe back in his hand and attacks her. She swirls around and caught with her bare hands. This gave a chance to strike. I look at my target and trying to avoid Mira from getting caught in it. “Raging Bolt!!!”</I> The lightning was heading toward him. However, he disappears again. The bolt struck Mira, and she was down and out.

Then, I felt the man behind me.  I turn around only to be attack by him. I was feeling sick. Whatever kind of magic this is, it’s draining mine.  I fall to the ground, unable to stand. The man chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’ve got some plans for you two.” He said.  Then, he use fire magic to torch the forest down, and leaving us to die.

(Natsu’s POV)</I>

I was on the air up and dozing off to sleep. It was nice that I stay with Lucy for the night. But, it still bug me. Why am I attracted to this woman?  I know we just met but I feel want to stay with her. And be around her. When we danced, I felt a happiness inside of my heart.  Could I really be falling for her?

Then, I smell something coming from the east side of the town. I quickly woke up and I looked out the window and I saw fire and it was coming in fast.  I didn’t want to wake Lucy, so I quietly got up and rush out of her place. I ran to the forest. That’s when I saw, Erza and Jellal coming my way. “Natsu.” She responds. “You saw the fire as well.”   I gave her a nod. “Of course.” I answered. “But, I smell something. Somebody is in that fire.”  I sniff the scent with my nose. “Three people. I know the two. It’s Laxus and Mira.”

Erza was in shock. “What?!” She looked at the fire. “I can stop the fire while you two head them.” I responded. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” said Jellal. “Rest assured, I’ll be fine.”  The three of us quickly head to the fire to save our comrades.

To be continued…</I>
Freedom to Live (Nalu) Chapter 9
Hello. I m here again to bring you another chapter of my story. I hope you enjoy.

Don't forget to leave your comments down below!!!Natsu - Ending 17 Lucy - Ending 17 

Chapter 8:
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